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Superdrug Charcoal pore strips

I usually have quite good skin, and while I do get breakouts now and then I would say my only real ongoing concern is blackheads that seem to form on my nose regularly and I cant ever seem to make them go away forever. When browsing the stands in Superdrug a few weeks ago I decided  I wanted to pick up these pore strips to see how I got on with them and if they would work for me. I liked the idea that that had charcole in them as I always hear that it is really good in skin care so I hoped to see if these were better than some of the other ones I had tried. 

The product comes in a box and there are 4 sachets with a nose pore strip in each. I like that they are individually packaged and easy to just pop one into a travel bag if you were on the go. I the foil sachets are easy to store and make the perfect way to have a face mask close by on my bathroom shelves when I am in the bath. The sachet opens to reveal the usual style nose pore strip on a plastic sheet. 

The pore strip applies to the skin really easily and feels comfortable when on the skin. You apply a little moisture to your nose before applying the strip and then you wait for the strip to harden and dry on the skin before removing it. I found this to be after about 5 or 10 minutes but I would relax and read while I wear the strip, getting lost in the book and forgetting about the strip for a while, usually leaving it on much longer than it needed. 

The pore strip works really well to pull out the gunk and gross stuff out of my pores and it really made a difference to the way my skin looked and felt after using this. My skin looked visibly clearer and I could see all the gunk that had come off my skin on the pore strip when I had peeled this off. I spared you the photo of the pore strip and how it looked after I peeled it off, and I forgot to do a before and after photo of my nose when using this and so I guess you just have to trust my word! 

Overall I think these are great value for money at £2.99 for the pack of four. I think the fact they are available in Superdrug, here, also helps as I can pick them up as I am going in to browse the new make up that is out. I think they are really accessible and are a good price for the four. I definitely will be going back for some more of these once I have used up the last of these, I think I have one left as I write this and I think it will probably be used up by the end of the month! Let me know your favourite face mask or pore strip as I am always on the look out for new things to try and test out. 

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