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Soap and Glory What a peeling face mask

I have wanted to try the Soap and Glory masks since I first saw they were launching. I have used two others in the past and I wanted to try more from the range, so I decided to get the What A Peeling mask and test it out. I love the idea of getting two pods in this, I selfishly used this alone but it would make a great mask to use with a friend and both get to test out. Or, if you use it on your own, you get two masks in one and you don't have to open the second pod!

The mask comes in little pods which contain the product as well as having a handy spatula which will help you to apply the mask to your face. The pods are a lovely size and contain a really good amount of product, it was way more than I needed for one application, however it wouldn't have done two, so I just did a thicker layer than usual to make sure I used the most I could. The product is such a bright fun pink it makes it so pretty and easy to use, you are able to see where you have applied it and be able to easily see when you peel it off if any is left. I didn't find the spatula much help when applying this, I think I could have used it but I much prefer to just rub it on with my hands, so I quickly discarded it on the side of the bath in order to use my hands.

The mask felt really nice on the face and was comfortable while wearing it, aside from it being quite stiff when it dried, which most can feel that way once it is dry on the skin. I have to say this did dry really nicely on the skin and I was able to peel it really easily, however it was a bit more of a painful peel, it definitely was stuck on there and dried to the skin. I feel like it pulled out some of the gunk in my pores, maybe not all of it, but a good amount came off on the back of the peel mask. I spared you a shot of the pore gunk as we all know you don't need to see that! 

My skin felt so soft and nice after I used this which was perfect as I love it when they make me feel like it was worth using. I do think this helps with combating some of the blackheads I have but I have a few normal spots on my skin which at the minute don't have a head on, TMI I know, but this didn't really make a difference to them which I didn't expect it to. 

Overall I love the way this worked, it was a bit uncomfortable when I wanted to move my face when it was dry before I peeled it off. I think this is a nice face mask, its bright and fun which is always nice to brighten up your pamper, and it worked well leaving my skin soft and smooth. I think for the £4 this is full price, and the fact you get two masks in the pack it is really worth giving a go. It makes the perfect excuse to have a pamper session with a friend, or just to pamper yourself twice with the mask. I really did like this and I am so excited to have the second one to hand ready to use as I do love a good face mask. You can shop this face mask on Boots here if you are interested in purchasing it, and it is also currently on offer making it the perfect excuse to give it a go if your thinking of getting it! 

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