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Percy and Reed wonder overnight recovery

When I first got this product in my Birchbox I was excited to give it a go as I once had a Percy and Reed dry shampoo and loved it, so I thought this would be good too and worth trying. I was apprehensive on reading the instructions as you apply this to the hair when it is dry and sleep on it over night before shampooing it out in the morning. Being someone who likes to wash their hair at night, it took me a while to actually test this out through fear of getting it all over the bedding...

The product comes in a squeeze tube which is really easy to work with. I like that the cap is secure and it is really easy to work with. The product itself is a lightweight, thin textured cream which is really easy to work with. It almost turns more like a water based cream when it is worked through the hands. I applied a 50p sized coin to the palm of my hand and then worked it onto my hands to work into my hair. I found it easy to work with and easy to distribute, going in for a little more product to make sure I didn't use too much. 

Once I began applying this into the hair I could tell how easy it was soaking into the hair and I was so relieved. I honestly had visions of this thick conditioner that was going to make my hair feel gross and get all over the bedding, when in actual fact on trying it it was really thin and lightweight and although made my hair look a touch greasy, was pretty much undetectable in my hair. Aside from the slight greasy look, I could have happily put this in and popped out without it being overly obvious I had a product covering my hair.

Going to bed my hair felt like it usually would, not wet or greasy, just the average hair and so I slept well knowing it wasn't getting on my pillow. Once I woke up I thought my hair felt soft and conditioned but I wanted to shower it off as per the instructions to be sure on the finish. The product didn't feel like it washed out as such, but it did rinse through easily and I shampooed as normal. It says just to shampoo the hair, and I deliberately have been trying to use up a shampoo I am not so keen on when used alone, so I thought this is the perfect test as the shampoo alone can make my hair feel a bit dry.

My hair has felt so soft and silky each time I have used this and I was so pleased with the results this has given that I have been reaching or it around once a week to freshen up my hair and really nourish it. This isn't a product I would normally ever reach for, but I think after being given the opportunity to try this through something like Birchbox, it is something that I now feel like I would look into buying again, whether its this exact one, or one from another brand, as I do really like this. If you think this sounds like something you would love, you can find the product on the Percy and Reed site for £20 here, which I think is a reasonable price for the amount of product you get and the results it gave my hair. Let me know your favourite conditioning product for hair as I am always looking for new things to test out and try! 

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