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Lush Metamorphosis bath bomb

We all know I am a lover of a bath bomb don't we! I feel like this one was one I absolutely had to try, the mysterious look of it leaves a lot to the imagination on how it will go in the water and I wasn't sure what to expect. Although this is part of the normal line on Lush I thought it was a little more Halloween looking so I thought I would review it in October and give you an option from the normal line if it was more Halloween like. 

The bath bomb is a deep grey toned colour on the outer and has a square like pattern on the top that reminds me a little of honeycomb, however I don't know what exactly it is meant to resemble, so it could just be a little pattern in the top to give it some character. The scent is quite spicy and has black pepper and cinnamon and is really warming and spicy. It reminds me a little bit of Lord of Misrule, I reviewed that here, and I think it might make a nice masculine scent.

The bath bomb dropped into the water and looked really cool as the deep grey began to fizz away and although ti didn't seem to turn the water a dark colour it gave it a smoky look. The bath bomb began to change and yellows and pinks began to emerge into the water as it fizzed and moved in the water. I was expecting this to go a beautiful pinky orange shade in the water and was excited to watch the patterns as it fizzed away.

I found the water became a strange yellow tone, that reminded me a little bit of wee, which isn't particularly pleasant as well as it having a smoky tint to it and looking like it is a bit murky and muddy. I didn't think the water looked particularly inviting but I obviously bathed in it anyway knowing it was the bath bomb. I emptied the bath and felt like the grey coating on the bath bomb had stuck to the bath and looked like a scum line around where the water had been as where it had drained, so I immediately had to clean the bath after getting out through fear of anyone seeing it and thinking I was disgusting! 

Overall, at £4.50 I think it is reasonably priced for a Lush bath bomb and I love the concept of it being a deep grey shade and having a burst of colour in the water. This being said I don't think the final bath water looked inviting, I don't think the colours are as bold as I expected from the typical Lush products I am used to and I just think it could be nicer to use. While I love Lush and often pop in to get bath bombs and have some firm favourites I always go back to, this is one I wont be picking up again as it just wasn't for me! If you do feel like this might be for you, you can find it online here and shop it in stores if you want to see it in person. 

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