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Lush Bewitched bubble bar

A black cat crossing your path is said to be bad luck, but what about a black cat crossing your bath? I think this bubble bar is definitely a good luck one that will give you a nice relaxing and enjoyable Halloween! I always feel like bubble bars are pretty standard in the water, however this had a ghoulish Halloween themed twist! 

This bubble bar was one I almost passed up, I am not a huge fan of cats, and to be honest with you it didn't entice me too much, but I bought it solely for review to tell you it bubbles and not much else. How wrong could I be! The bubble bar is really cute, and I do love the bright yellow cat eyes and its little nose as it is beautiful! The bubble bar is a rich dark deep black shade and while I didn't think any thing of it, I probably should have guessed it may affect the water! 

The bubble bar has a lovely blackcurrant scent that is so nice, it wasn't as strong as some other but they have been sat out on the side for three weeks just chilling so I think I am just so used to smelling them that it doesn't seem as strong, that or its all wafted away! It did give such a nice scent to the bath and I think had I stored them in the usual box I do my others I would have trapped the scent and they wouldn't have aired so much, but it was still lovely. 

The bar crumbles easily and dissolves well under running water, I usually break off a piece and put it into a little tea strainer, a trick I saw on Instagram, however this time I did just out the whole thing under the tap as I am filming these for a Lush demo's video so let me know if you want to see that! The bar was easy to hold and as I gently rubbed the surface it began to break down and form bubbles in the water as it mixed. 

The water turned a deep dark shade of grey, however I didn't use a massive amount of the bubble bar as I was only having a short bath and you can just leave this on the side to dry and use it multiple times until it is gone, or you can crumble the whole thing into one bath if you wanted to, but I never find I need a whole bubble bar. I also parted the bubble in the water in order to show the colour of the water better. It was a bit strange to bath in dark water, but the way it is jet black doesn't make it feel like your bathing in murky, dirty water, it just feels like you have used a black bath product. 

Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised by this bubble bar, I think if bubble bars are your thing, I am more of a bath bomb girl, but I love both, this is definitely one you need to look out for as this is so lovely and gives such an amazing Halloween twist in the water. At £4.25 you will get a few baths out of this, at least 4, especially if you chop it up into quarters and only run the quarter you are using under the water. I think it is so lovely and one that will really make your Halloween pamper a special one! You can find this on the Lush website here if you want to shop it and find out what Lush have to say about this! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Halloween themed bath treats are! 

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