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Kat Von D saint perfume

When I saw Kat Von D was bringing out perfume I was so excited, I love her make up and the sneak peaks of the bottles we got on Instagram were something to desire. While I hadn't actively thought about it and hadn't really taken into account when it would come out, I happened to stumble upon them in Debenhams a few weeks back and couldn't resist a spray. I was able to get these in a complimentary beauty gift Debenhams were giving out to anyone with a beauty card, the perfect way to test them at home and see if I like them!

The perfume comes in the most beautiful ornate and intricate bottle, a clear glass with white 3D intricate skulls and swirls makes this a stunning product just to look at before you uncover the scent of it. This is the lighter, more sweet scent represented by the contrast of the light of the bottle in comparison to the 'sinner' perfume which is a deep dark bottle and theme. 

The perfume sample I have is a nice 4.5ml size which is a perfect size for testing out and I will get lots of uses from this judging by how much I have used already testing it over a week or two. I feel the size options of these are lovely, the product comes in a 10ml purse spray, a 50ml or 100ml. I find the purse spray will be a great one and one I want to invest in for my collection, as they will be great to put in my bag or travel with, as well as being a proper spray as I don't really like the roller ball version. 

The perfume itself has a floral tone to it, and is described under the floral scent on the Debenhams site. It is described as "soft, alluring, and dreamy, this gourmand fragrance sweetens a bouquet of jasmine and tiar flower with notes of mandarin, caramel and sparkling Mirabelle plum. Vanilla, sandalwood and creamy musk build to the romance of the perfume, imparting a warmth that reminds Kat of falling in love for the very first time."on the website and I definitely can pick out a few of the notes within the perfume. 

I find the perfume has notes of floral with the floral notes coming through, followed by the heart of the sweet scents, a mixture of the vanilla and caramel seem to make up the heart of the fragrance and it smells so lovely with the hint of musk peeping through at the end. I absolutely love this scent, when I tried both of these in store I couldn't decide which one I like more and I think I am still stuck between them, but this is so lovely I have already put the full size on my Christmas list! 

Overall, I wasn't sure what to expect from these perfumes, the scent names didn't give much away, but I was so pleasantly surprised with this perfume, I will review the sinner one next month, that I am already lusting after the full size, and have been reaching for this one a lot since I got it. It is really strongly scented and last really well on the skin and clothes when you spray it that you don't feel you need to top it up through the day when you wear it. If you are interested in this perfume I recommend popping into Debenhams and smelling it as it is something I personally love. You can find the 50ml online here for £52 along with the other sizes if you wish to shop the range, but I definitely think it is worth smelling, and seeing the bottles in person as they truly are a work of art! 

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