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Halloween tag

I thought I would do a little Halloween themed tag as I thought it would mix it up a little bit and be something different to share with you all as it was fitting with the season too. I have answered 11 questions all Halloween themed and I would love to know your answers too, so if you feel like doing this tag do share a link below as I would love to pop over and read it!

1. What is your favourite Halloween movie?
While I can be partial to a horror movie now and again, I think I have to go with the classic of Nightmare before Christmas. It perfectly encompasses the love of Christmas I have while having a Halloween theme. I am not usually one to get over excited for Halloween but the older I have got the more I love it! and make more effort to do and watch Halloween themed shows and movies.

2. 1-10, how much do you enjoy Halloween?
I would say about a 7, I don't do the whole dress up, full Halloween party get up but I get more and more excited every year. I love all the little details, the carving pumpkins, making cute treats, and all those kinds of things, so I am trying every year to embrace a little more of it. 

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory?
I don't really have too many memories of Halloween as I have never been overly fussed by it which means I don't make too many memories, however, my husband and I have made more and more effort together to do more Halloween themed things and so we have started carving pumpkins each year and making little traditions we can carry on through the years which is really quite sweet! 

4. Have you always been a Halloween lover?
Definitely not. I am not fond of the people dressed up or getting dressed up and so I didn't tend to do a lot as I wasn't one for doing so. 

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
I like to buy some nice Lush Halloween bath bombs to enjoy a spooky bath, make some fun treats, carve pumpkins and watch a few movies that are more on the horror or scary side. 

6. Favourite Halloween decorations?
I love Jack-o-lanterns, cute candle holders, I got some fun skull shaped mason jar cups this year and I have been loving those for feeling like I am having a scary themed drink!

7. Favourite Halloween/fall scent?
I have been loving the Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel from the Body Shop and the spiced scents that are always out this time of your, I love things like cinnamon, I have a spiced cider candle I am really enjoying burning at the minute too. 

8. Favourite candy?
I love gummy sweets, things like Haribo, I love jelly tots, and recently I have been looking for some sour patch kids recently as I love them and haven't seen them around lately. 

9. Vampires or zombies?
I am way more into zombies than vampires, I was obsessed with the walking dead at one point, however we got busy and got behind so I might try to catch up now I can binge watch the last season ready to start the new season which has just begun. I haven't really watched or read much with vampires in as they aren't something I gravitate towards. 

10. What is your weird/odd fear?
I am afraid of spiders, which is probably one of the most common fears as I know a lot of people are. I am also afraid of people dressed up, which is really weird, and I don't know why! 

11. Last but not least, do you believe in ghosts?
I believe there is something there, I have had a few paranormal encounters and maybe one day I will talk about them somewhere but for now, lets just say I have had a few encounters with the supernatural! 

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