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Getting on top of the season and festivities

Now that the clocks have changed its basically winter in my book, not only this, it is now making me begin to wonder how I have got to almost the end of October and and not started a single bit of Christmas shopping? I have usually almost finished by now but I think I have got so caught up in Halloween this year that life hasn't really got around to the ideas of Christmas yet. I think I need to get my bum into gear but I thought I would do a chatty post about the things I am hoping to do over the next month to get in front and tackle winter and Christmas head on!

The first thing I need to do with regards to Christmas is make a list of all the people I need to buy for and the things I want to get for them, I like to at least make a rough list as it allows me to stay somewhat on track and I can do this while online shopping in order to have a browse online while doing so. I think this is a really great way to plan and then when you are shopping you already know what stores you want and what you are looking for. Even if you simply put - 'Mum - nice bathing set' this opens up to pop into Lush, or browse the stand in Boots, but allows you to know you want to get them bath stuff, or maybe 'candle' will be open to the interpretation of the scents they have when you get to store and how they smell compared to the name. We have all picked up a scent that sounds nice and doesn't smell as we hoped! 

The next thing I need to do is make a start on my living room, every year we have to make some minor adjustments to the layout of the living room and move an end table or two in order to be able to fit the Christmas tree where we like to put it. This is something I will start to do over November as I do the usual cleaning, and I make sure its due for pulling out the sofas and deep cleaning about this time in order to rearrange the room ready for this. At some time in November, usually a free weekend, my husband and I will come together and sort it out ready for the tree. 

I am going to have a huge downsize of my Christmas decorations. I want to streamline what I have as I have so many and we bought way more than we ever needed when we had our first Christmas in our house and I need to downsize them. This has been a job in the making for the past three or so years and every year I say I will do it and then we will put the tree up and never get round to doing it. I am going to contact some local hospitals, nursing homes and food banks and see who will take them and give them to a good cause. 

Lastly, and much more fitting for you lot here, is getting on top of my YouTube and blogging schedule. I am looking to get on top of my schedule and I am currently planning out when I can write up posts to get them all scheduled and prepped to take a week or two off over Christmas, and I want to upload every single day in December on my YouTube channel and so this is going to take some serious prep! I want to make sure I am on top of it all and filming productively in order to fulfil this and make sure I work as hard as I can on my videos. I am really working hard to plan my time wisely and make sure I am putting quality content on my channel and blog so I am really working hard to make sure I am succeeding with this. 

All of this is what I aim to get done by New Year, all being well. I have really took some time to spruce up the house this past month too and I am loving the way it is looking so I am really excited to carry on with all the sorting and make sure we arrive at Christmas and the New Year fully prepped and ready to see what 2018 has in store.

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