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English laundry signature perfume

When I received the English laundry perfume in my Birchbox I was a little bit underwhelmed I find perfume samples a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes I always forget to use them and I end up forgetting they even exist. I am really wanting to start using through more of them and making a point of doing so as I put them into my handbags. I wanted to review this one today as I was sure it smells similar to something else and I couldn't put my finger on what but I think I have found what it is!  

Th packaging for the sample is a really sweet pink tube that has a really nice spray nozzle, but more importantly a lid. How many perfume samples come with a lid? not that many but I wish more did. The bottle has simple branding in white and is really simple. The full size is a really pretty glass bottle with a lovely jewel style lid and an air of simplicity that would look beautiful on a dressing table.

The perfume, in my opinion is quite sweet, it is said to have top notes of rose geranium and creamy white flowers which is set against woody, spicy and musky notes. I have finally figured what this reminds me of though. I have looked up the notes and while it isn't even similar when I smell this it reminds me of the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, I don't think its a dupe but that is all I think of, the nostalgic 2004 days back when I practically begged my parents for this as it was something I loved and was a perfume that was feasible to have at 11. For that reason I think I would rather repurchase the Britney one for half the price and have the nostalgia of it all.

The perfume applies well to the skin and sits well once on and dried down. I do feel this isn't the longest lasting perfume on  me and after a few hours I do notice it has faded a lot and is barely noticeable and does need topping up through the day which some of my others don't need, this being said it is really nice when applied so if your happy to top up after a few hours then it will be fine for you. 

Overall the perfume sample was really lovely. I am glad I got the nostalgia of being reminded of a perfume I loved back in my early teens and it is so great to try a brand I haven't heard of. Unfortunately, while I liked the scent, this one isn't quite for me. I feel I would rather spend half the price and have the scent it reminds me of that spend the £60 it is on Birchbox here, especially when I feel it isn't as long lasting as it could be. I would love to know what your favourite fragrance is right now as I am always on the lookout for new things to try out and I feel like there is so much being released in gift sets for Christmas that I am on the hunt for something new to try out and add to my Christmas list! 

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