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Divergent book review

From the little blurb on the back I get a bit of a 'Maze runner' or 'The hunger games' style vibe from this book, and due to enjoying both I thought I needed to give this a chance and have a read. I originally picked this up not long after the film came out so you can guess how long I have had this on my shelf waiting to be read. I decided I wanted to read this over the past month and have slowly been reading through it and getting to know the characters and getting gripped into the story as it goes along. 

Imagine a place where the entire population of the city is divided into five factions in which they must live there lives. When the time comes to take the aptitude test, the young teenagers of all factions are face with a simulated test that determines, based ontheir characteristics what fation they are best suited to. This will sometimes be the same as their parents, or may be completely different. Once they have the result the following day a choosing ceremony is held and they can choose the faction they go into, whether to stay with their parents or go to a new faction they are suited to. However, they must be careful, if they choose the wrong one and fail initiation they can become factionless and be forever frowned up by the rest of the population.

We follow the story of Tris, or Beatrice as she is fully known. Starting the day of the aptitude test we gain an understanding of how it works and we are talked through the simulation as she sees it and experiences it. The twist begin right from the start and we begin to get an understanding of the character Tris may become as it begins to unfold. On the day of the choosing ceremony we are faced with more turns and twist that are unexpected, however not to big for the first few chapters. We learn very early on what Tris's secret is, however we aren't so sure from the start why the secret is so important to keep, just that we need to keep it. 

As Tris takes on initiation in her chosen faction we begin to see how the faction divides and characteristic traits they have from their original factions show through as well as the traits that led them to be the faction they have chosen. As we learn about the characters it is clear to see some favourites and some we grow to dislike through the way they act and the way they treat Tris and other people around them. The initiation becomes tougher than we could ever predict and we see the sheer strength, determination and necessity to survive anything that comes their way in order to pass the initiation, and in a non spoiler form, not everyone will. 

As initiation unfolds we learn of friendships, enemies and how people can turn from being a friend to an enemy in a matter of minutes. We see the forming of a friendship that not only threatens her life and her place in the faction, but also offers the ultimate protection and security within the faction that she needs. The friendship is a key stage in the book and one we really get invested in as we follow the story along. 

As initiation draws to a close a conflict is felt rising through multiple factions and we begin to question where it can go and how far a faction can really push another or how they can manipulate others to work in their favour. As conflict rises I was so transfixed in the book and the story unfolding I couldn't put the book down, I was so ready to find out what happens I couldn't read it quick enough. Even to the point I rudely told my husband to shut up as his voice was distracting my thoughts from the book, rude but I was so invested he understands I cannot take my eyes off it. He's not a book lover but from the hints I have given he definitely wants to see the film. 

I really did enjoy this book it was eye opening into a way that people can be segregated and made to choose between family and character traits, and how people really will stop at nothing to get what they want. The book ends on a conclusive enough narrative that I don't feel I immediately need to pick up the second one, but is still on a cliff hanger leaving me longing to find out what happens next. The story really was one I enjoyed and if you think it is something that sounds like you would enjoy it I really recommend you give it a go. If, like my husband, your not much of a book reader, the film is definitely one I want to watch and I feel it will be really good to check out if you like the sound of the story but don't fancy reading the book! Let me know if you have any book recommendations you think I will like as I would love to add them to my reading list! 

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