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Cover girl clump crusher mascara

Cover girl is a brand that I thought was US exclusive, until I found it in a local B and M store. I excitedly picked it up and insisted to my husband that I absolutely needed it in my life. I have heard good things about the cover girl mascaras, but never took into account which are said to be the best due to us not being able to get them. In my haste I didn't notice this was waterproof, so I was a little unhappy as I don't really like waterproof mascara, but I am happy to make do!

I really like the way this is packaged and I think it is typical of a lot of american mascaras from what I have seen on the internet. I love that you can see the wand properly and the product has a little cap on to stop it drying out. I find mascara wands are so important and I like to know what I am getting. This does, however, mean it uses much more packaging which isn't good, but I do recycle so that positive! 

The tube itself is a vibrant green with silver writing on, simply distinguishing it to be the clump crusher mascara, and the branding of Cover girl with nothing much else printed on. I like that this is bright and vibrant in colour as it makes it so easy to see and reach for in my drawer or my make up bag.  The wand is a plastic bristle wand, it has a lot of bristles and they are a nice spacing apart to grab the lashes effectively. The wand is slightly curved to allow help to curl the lashes and works well to give them some curl and definition. 

The formula is much drier than I expected this to be, however this works so well to separate the lashes and make them look longer, more defined and have more of a curl than some mascaras give me. I found the mascara didn't clump whatsoever when I used it and I really liked that as I don't like mascaras which are clumpy. I found this made my lashes look really natural, but defined at the same time, it makes a perfect day to day mascara but if you want high impact drama from a mascara, this isn't the one. The mascara lasted really well on the eyes, it didn't smudge or flake off during the day and it still looked as good when it was the end of the day as it did when I began the day. 

Overall I was really impressed with this mascara, it was a nice formula to apply and for the £3.99-ish price I paid for this in my local B an M store, I think this is a really nice affordable mascara that works really well. I don't like to spend a lot on mascaras as they don't often do a lot for my lashes, but this is a really nice and one I will most likely pick up again if I see it again as a nice day to day mascara. I would love to try more from the range should I get the chance, but I cant guarantee it unless I make a trip to the US! 

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