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Avon Mark Gel shine nail polish Barely there

I have so many nail polishes, it is a bit of an obsession, however I was really good recently and decluttered lots of my collection. I wanted to streamline what I had and be able to make the most of the colours I had left in order to really use colours I love and be able to see my collection easier. I was recently gifted this nail polish from my cousin and really wanted to use it and I thought it would be a perfect colour for an autumnal nail art look, so I decided I wanted to give it a go.

The bottle of the nail polish is the standard Avon Mark bottle, the square clear bottle allows you to see the shade of the polish clearly and easily without any effort. I love this as I find it so easy to pick out a colour when I can see what is in the bottle. The cap is also a square shape and is white in colour with a really lovely brush that is effective and easy to paint the nails with.

The polish is called Barely there and is a lovely nude brown shade, more on the lighter beige toned spectrum of the nudes, and one that looked really nice on my nails. I wasn't sure how it would look before using it as I don;t always suit a lot of the brown toned shades, hence I don't own many, but I really liked the ways this looked and I see myself wearing it a lot more!

The nail polish applied nicely and with two coats it was fully opaque, I tend to apply coats of nail polish slightly thinner than I need to as I find it helps them dry quicker and is easier to work with. I was really impressed with the finish of this, it was a nice shiny finish without being to glossy. The polish lasted well on the nails, with it showing signs of wear and looking like it may need to be changed after about 5 days to keep the polish looking totally fresh and new.

I wanted to create a nail art look with the polish and so I decided to go for an autumnal leaf inspired design. This nail art video can be found here, and is pictured in the swatch photo of the nail art if you want a sneak peak before popping over to see it.

Overall I really liked the nail polish, as a colour I wouldn't have thought to pick up it definitely worked really well to create a nice nail look. It lasted well on the nails and looked beautiful when I had created my design. I was so impressed with this nail colour and the finish that I would definitely look at more from the range. At £7 I feel they are reasonably priced and can be found online here, I just wish that they were able to be shopped in a store as I don't find it as easy to see in a brochure the colours in comparison to ones I have of a similar shade!

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