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Autumn fashion wishlist

I have so much on my wishlist at the minute and I thought I would share with you a few things that I am currently hoping to pickup when I go shopping, or things that are inspiring my purchases right now. I decided to share these 7 things with you all as I am currently hoping to get my hands on so share some inspiration and hope that you all can share some inspiration with me too on the things you are loving lately! 

The first item on my wishlist is a bit generic, its to build up my scarf collection. I have a lot of dark coloured scarves and so I want to add some lighter cream coloured ones to my collection and I really like the look of this Wimbledon check scarf from Accessorize here, at £20 it is a good price, but I don't know when I will next be near an Accessories store to look in person so it might not be this exact one.

Secondly for wardrobe updates I have been eyeing this jumper on the Newlook site for a couple of weeks and I am hoping it comes in my local store for me to try on before buying, hence I haven't pricked it up. I love the little beads that are sewn onto the front and think it gives a subtle edge to the jumper making it look detailed without being over the top. At £19.99 I feel like this is a great price for an embellished jumper, and you can find it on the website here.

I definitely don't need to be adding a coat to my list, but I think I would like to have a couple more options in my wardrobe to pick from when the colder weather hits us as I get bored of the same one all the time. I feel like this is a really smart coat choice without being too smart. I spotted this on a mannequin when walking past Select, found here, the other day and really want to go back for it soon. At £35 I think it is really good value for a coat and I definitely think I will get a lot of wear from it.

Halloween is just around the corner and I really wanted some slightly Halloween themed pj's to cuddle up in when watching some movies and getting warm in the evenings. I really like these black and white star print ones from Primark, and £12 is so good for these as I have seen similar ones at double the price. I am really sad you can't shop these online as I really want them and my store didn't have them when I was last in town shopping. I found these on the website and have seen them in few haul videos too so I know I love them. If you want to see them on the site, you can find them here.

Bag shopping is something I feel I haven't done for ages, I don't really need a new bag, however when I was browsing Newlook I saw this space themed bag and fell in love, I don't really know why as I am not massively into space themed things, I just love the embellishments and the way it looks overall. The classic black colour makes it so wearable and I know if I got it I would use it a lot as a casual bag. If you want to see more of the bag and its size, you can find it and shop it here for £22.99.

The sixth item on my wishlist is a bobble hat, I want to get a new bobble hat this year, I have two, a multicoloured one and a white one, I think I want a grey one as well to mix it up a bit, and I think this one from Matalan, here, at £6 is really nice and I love that the pompom is quite large and makes a statement. I am going to try some on and shop around for one that suits me, but this one is on the contender list! 

Lastly for my wishlist I have a pair of Uggs, I know these are a total love hate thing, and they wont be to everyone's taste, but they keep my feet so warm and I am honestly the coldest person so I need all the warmth I can get! I adore the style of the bailey boot with the bow on the back, they are so sweet, and although I am sure I have seen them in grey I fail to tract them down right now so I am showing them in the natural shade in order to share them. If you like the natural shade you can shop these here for £165, but I might just get a Primark pair to tide me over until I can find them in grey if I do decide to invest in a pair this year! 

I hope you have enjoyed my wishlist, I would love to know what is on your wishlist right now as I am always hoping for new things to try out. If you don't have many fashion items on your wishlist I would love to know any other items you have on your list such as beauty or home wear as I love shopping for those too! 

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