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An autumnal bucket list for October

As autumn is here and October always feels like the cold is setting in and autumn is fully here we get to bundle up in cosy jumpers and explore the autumnal wonders that appear this time of year. I have composed a list of things I would like to do this October and hopefully I will have some nice days out and get to explore some new things this month. 

First up, I haven't been conker picking for years, and I used to love it as a kid, I recently noticed a conker tree near where we live so I think one evening this week we may go for a walk and pick up some conkers that look pretty. 

I have never been to a pumpkin patch so I have made it my mission to seek out some local ones to go an explore and then we can pick some nice pumpkins, look in the farm shop and make a lovely day out from it, and then we get to carve pumpkins once we are home! 

I really enjoy autumnal walks, kicking the leaves and just being around nature. Its a great time to explore my photography skills and not feel under pressure to take the photos for anything. I like capturing the beauty of everything in autumn and its nice to enjoy it all with my husband.

I am not the biggest fan of horror movies, I do enjoy them we just choose to watch other things, but with Halloween on the horizon a scary film evening sounds like a perfect way to cosy up at home and enjoy a night in without wondering what films to watch. 

Around this time of year a lot of the new seasons for shows are starting or have stared, I am looking forward to Stranger Things starting again and I definitely want to watch some more series style shows on Netflix, so I think binge watching TV shows with popcorn and pj's will make a nice night in, while being different to watching a movie or two. 

I never used to make a big deal out of Halloween, but this year I am really excited, I have decided I want to make some Halloween themed treats and test out some recipes in order to have some nice snacks to eat while we watch films or binge watch a TV show! There is method in all this madness! 

I love adding some cosy clothes to my wardrobe and having a little shopping trip, so when the colder months set in I always want to have a shopping trip, I don't know what things I want just yet, but I am excited to shop around and pick up some new bits to add to my wardrobe! 

Lastly, the cold nights are drawing in and while bonfire night will be next I love having evenings in the garden with a little campfire lit and just relaxing and enjoying company of good friends, so I feel it the perfect time to have one while we wait for a true bonfire to celebrate in November! 

I would love to know what is on your Autumn bucket list as I love trying new things and making memories! 

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