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An autumn bucket list update

Can you believe we are half way through the month? How fast is this all going? between the daily blogging and the every other day uploads I can't believe how quick its coming round. I wanted to share some updates on how my autumn bucket list is going. I am having such a fun months so I am excited for the rest of it! 

We managed to go conker picking, although we were a bit late to the party so some were a bit worse for wear, however we did managed to get some nice ones. You can see some I was picking in my look book video I uploaded on my channel. 

We got to go pumpkin picking yesterday, I did vlog it, but I wanted to share it with you slightly later in the month as I have some other things planned to go up first this week. I had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and we really made the most of the day looking at the pumpkins, had some food and a drink there and just simply made the most of the day. 

We have had some lovely autumnal walks, and some you will have seen if you see the look book as we used the walks as good excuses to shoot the footage for the video too. We want to go on a few more walks before the colder weather comes and its less pleasant. 

I have added some new bits to my wardrobe and I am waiting for the clothes to change a little more in some of the shops before I go shopping a second time to add more to my wardrobe. I have featured most of my new bits that I think you will want to see in my look book, I bet your sick of that word by now! I am loving a lot of the stuff in shops at the minute so I definitely will be popping in the shops again to see what else is coming in stores! 

In terms of Halloween it is still pretty early at the minute, but we have some lovely treats to get stuck into making, as well as pumpkins to carve from out pumpkin picking venture yesterday. I am excited to cosy down, eat some treats and watch some films to get into the Halloween spirit as it creeps closer, so I am very excited to bring it all together and I will be sharing a lot of it with you all soon over on my channel! 

I would love to know how your month is going and what you have been up to so far as it gives me ideas for fun things to do. Do let me know if I have given you some inspiration for things to do this month as well as I want to share idea and make your month better too! I love hearing what you have been up to so let me know, and if you have any Halloween themed content you want to see on my channel or blog let me know as I love sharing things you want to see and I am having so much fun planning all the content with you all! 

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