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Zoella jelly and gelato creamy scrub

When I popped along to the Jelly and Gelato pop up event they did in Nottingham for the Zoella beauty launch I couldn't resist picking up some of the products. You can find my vlog of this here if you want to see what I got up to! I couldn't resist picking up some of the range, especially as it was on 3 for 2! I have already reviewed the Shower shake here, and the body mist here if you want to read any of those products reviewed! I was so excited to get my hands on the scrub as I love a good body scrub, but when I opened this I was quite shocked at the texture of this as it was so different to what I thought it would be like! 

Packaged in a really pretty tub that I really like and think looks so summery. The bottom of the tub is white with a really pretty pink and white candy striped label on with the Zoella beauty logo. It then has a lovely pastel purple lid on the tub which I love the colour of. The lid has a white sticker on with accents of purple and pink which make a lovely touch to the colours on the product tying them all together. The logo is the classic Zoella logo, and a lovely cursive written style font for the 'cream scrub' name. The rose gold tone accents look beautiful on the lid and I think it is so pretty, definitely a nice product to set aside on your bath and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the product. 

The product is a pastel orange shade that I quite like the look of, it reminds me of mango sorbet, which I think goes well with the jelly and gelato theme. The scent is the same as the rest of the range, it has extracts of elderflower and pomegranate. I really like the scent of this, but I will say it isn't the sweet scent I thought it would have when I think of jelly and ice-cream. The texture of the body scrub is a strange thick texture that I really wasn't expecting from the name 'cream scrub'. I can only liken it to a melting face cleanser, this is a thickish consistency that I find I need to scoop out and warm up a little bit to work best on my skin, I also find it worked best when applied to damp skin, rather than wet skin if that makes sense. 

On the skin the scrub feels really nice and when it is used on damp, not too wet, skin, it feels so lovely and creamy on the skin with it having a nice medium scrub to it. I quite like that the scrubby particles in this aren't too abrasive but are still good at scrubbing the skin and making you feel clean. The texture of the product also makes it really hydrating on the skin which is so nice to feel hydrated and soft when you get out of the bath or shower as I will be the first to admit I am so bad at moisturising and I really need to get better at it! I feel like my skin felt so soft and clean when using this and I really came to enjoy using it. 

When I first used this I have to say I didn't really get along with it. I wasn't keen on the texture and without warming it in my hands it was hard to work with. I tried it on my legs and didn't enjoy it, but when it came to my arms and body I was trying different methods and I found the one that works for me was scooping it out, working it between my hands for a minute and then working it over lightly damp skin, it seems to really exfoliate well and hydrate the skin like that. I did expect this to be a thinner formula being called 'cream scrub' I thought it would be runny, but it is very solid, which now I am used to I don't mind, but I don't think I would have picked this up had I have saw it before as it is quite different to what I have used in the past! 

Overall, now I am used to the texture I really do like the product, it exfoliates well and leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. I do reach for this so much now, and it is nice to use in combination with the shower shake too as they have the same scent. While I do like this, I personally don't think I would rush to repurchase it, just because I have a lot of scrubs to use up, and I also feel like I just lean more towards the runnier, more shower gel textured scrubs just for ease and speed of use. That being said, I am excited to use the rest of this and if I was to have another one of these in my collection I would definitely use it. At £8 on Superdrug here, I think it is a mid range price point, good for the amount you get in the tub, and is comparable, if working out price per 100ml, to something like the Body Shop in price, for a reference point. I do think this is lovely, but I probably wont be picking up any of the Zoella beauty range now until Christmas when I will have used through some of the stuff I already have to clear space in my collection! Let me know if you have tried anything from this range, and what your favourite bath product of the minute is! 

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