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Why I want to utilise more apps

I am a person who is glued to my phone, I am not ashamed to admit that to you all and I definitely know it is something that a lot of people understand, whether it is a good or bad thing. I like to think I do minimal mindless scrolling and utilise the time on my phone being productive, however a lot of mindless scrolling does come into it as well. I have decided I want to overhaul my phone and I want to try to utilise not only mt actual apps, but how I spend my time by downloading more productive apps to use. 

I obviously have all my social media apps to allow me to keep up to date and interact on the go, I also have my creator studio app to allow me to check on my YouTube stats and stay up to date with how my channel is doing and my videos and what you guys are doing and enjoying. I find theses so helpful when on the go as I can just check in and keep up with whats going on. I want to get the Google Analytics app to go along with this as well as I want to be able to keep up with my blog stats more quickly when on the go too as I sometimes want to check them while I'm, out or not at home if I need or want the info for something. 

I signed up to Buffer months ago and never used it, I was told it was good and I like the idea of scheduling tweet and things to auto post, I will then be able to pre-write them and make sure I post regularly to share my latest posts and videos to make sure you guys get notified or get to see them when I have posted. I am excited to explore it and see what I come up with when trying it out. 

I also want a really good To Do list app as I love writing lists and having paper copies, but sometimes when I go out or I have to be somewhere I don't have my paper list, so some will be more convenient on my phone, and it would be great for popping video ideas down. I know I have my notes but I love the idea of being able to check something off when I have done it so I think I need a proper To Do app! If you have any recommendations let me know! 

I have also joined Reddit, my husband loves Reddit and it is his scrolling platform of choice when he has time to waste and wants a bit of something to look at and take his mind off things. I decided to join when he told me about the beauty forums on there and the Newtubers sections, he showed me how there are categories and looked for ones I would like as I thought it was all tech an gaming things as that is mainly what he looks at on there. I am still finding my feet with it, but I am enjoying looking at new content and engaging with other people for advice and tips and just generally getting to see other ideas and perspectives. 

I really want to continue to grow and make my content better but I have become so demotivated recently and have felt quite down in my personal life and it has all just seemed to spiral from there. I hope that in doing all of this and utilising my phone on the go I can regain my mojo and continue to grow my content and share what I love. 

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