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Victoria's Secret Rush body spray

Up until not long ago I hadn't tried the Victoria's secret body sprays, I then got gifted two and I was very excited to try them. I tried out the Love Addict version which you can see the review of here, and was really looking forward to trying the Rush scent. I had no idea what either of these would be like and I was really impressed with the scent of the first one, making me more excited to try this one too. 

The body spray comes in a nice bottle which is quite tall. It has a blue gradient ombre tint to the packaging which gives it a nice appearance and makes it look pretty. The gold accents of the writing and the branding give it a nice touch and make it look very pretty. The minimal writing and branding on the bottle makes it look sleek and sophisticated without being plain or boring. I love the the bottle has the colourful appearance without it being opaque as I get through body sprays reasonably quickly so I like to see how much is left. The spray is really nice and gives a good even distribution of product when sprayed which I really like. 

The product has a slightly sweet scent from the clementine with the crystal amber giving it a slightly muskier scent which is a really nice touch. I really do like the scent and think it mimics wearing a perfume in its notes. I honestly think it smells more like a middle of the range perfume, maybe not an expensive designer one, but I would pay £30ish for this if it was in a perfume bottle on a perfume counter, as I do like it. 

The scent lasts really well on me, I spray this over my clothes and find I don't usually need to top up the scent through the day, however, I do find that I tend to put this on about 8am, top up around 1 or 2pm and then perhaps would top up around 7 or 8pm if I was to be going out in the evening and wanting to make sure I was definitely smelling fresh and nice for my evening with friends. 

I am so impressed with the staying power of the fragrance and love the scent of it. I love wearing these for work as they smell like something much more luxurious than a body spray and are convenient and easy to use and put into my locker without any fuss. I have a couple of these now and really do enjoy them, with me looking to test out more scents from the range as well as reaching for them a lot. These are a great alternative if you don't  want to buy a lot of expensive perfumes or if you just want to have a range of scents to swap between in order to mix it up without spending a lot of money on loads of different perfumes. At £12 they aren't the most affordable body spray on the market, but in my opinion they are definitely more on the perfume boarder than some of the body sprays I have and so I think they higher price bracket is more justified in where I put these in my collection. if you want to shop this scent you can find it here as well as finding the rest of the range on Superdrug too should you wish to shop the whole collection. I'd love to know your thoughts on these body sprays and if you have tried them, so do let me know in the comments! 

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