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The Primark outfit challenge

Personal style is such a unique thing and I always think it can be so hard to [pick out clothing for someone who you don't know very well, or for someone who has such set ways in what they wear. I decided, after seeing lots of these online I wanted to challenge my husband to buy an outfit for each other and see how we got on. I made this into a Youtube video, but some of you might not know I have a channel, or you may not have known I had done this video so I wanted to cross over the platforms today to share more on the video. 

I wouldn't know how to categorise my style should I need to give it a name or label, but, I feel like jeans and a T-shirt are a fail safe with me, I'm not much into skirts and will only rarely wear dresses. I find that I tend to gravitate back to the same sorts of things in my wardrobe over and over again. I wanted my husband to dress me how he wants me to dress, just as a bit of fun, what he would pick if he had to shop for me.

My husband is a creature of habit, boot cut jeans and a printed T-shirt. Other than his work uniform, or if he's getting suited up you can be sure he will be dressed in that way.  I wanted to challenge his style and really push him out of his comfort zone to try something he had never tried before.

I think we both did really well, but you can vote in the video comments should you wish to choose either me or my husband Grant as the overall winner of this challenge! You can also let us know if you want us to do this again as we had so much fun doing so!

You can find the video here should you wish to watch it, and I hope you enjoy it! 

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