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Taking a step back

Sometimes life can be quite confusing or a little bit difficult, and this week has felt like one of those weeks. I feel like its been a combination of factors all coming together that have wore me down and meant I have stepped back from it all. I know, if your a followers and regular reader it doesn't look that way, but its times like this that I am so glad I prep and blog roughly a week or so in advance. It really has meant that I have still got content up on my blog while I have been ignoring social media a bit.

I took a week off YouTube when I started re-doing my office, it should have just been a new desk and its turned into an entire room make over, but what can we do? I want it to look really nice and be an amazing space to be in. I cant wait to share the end product with you all as it is coming together really well! Its not quite done, I still need the wallpaper doing but I have some other bits to do first. I love the way it looks so far though!

I then did 6 videos in a row to get back into the swing of things, but I feel like I definitely need to step it up still and get back in front with it all as I have so much content I want to put out at the minute its just staying on top of filming and editing. I also love, as I said above that a lot of my content is pre-written, it helps so much when I come to share content if I am either busy or not feeling up to writing a post, I am so far in front I have all the products picked out for October already and some bits planned for November and December ready to write some posts for then too! 

This week I have felt quite low in my mood, a lot of things have made me feel a bit down and I just haven't felt like sharing much on social media. I have put some energy into sorting some things out, I have a lot of shoes to get rid of and I have decluttered about 10 things from my make up collection just when looking in my drawers without meaning to sort it out. I am feeling so inspired by my project pan that I am doing with my bathroom shelf, here. I just want to downsize and get rid and really love everything I own. I want to do a few videos about decluttering if you want to see me do this and bring you along for the process. 

I am so excited about all my content at the minute and really feel like I have so much to offer over the coming months so I hope you are all going to stick around for that! I have so much planned for Halloween and Christmas and all things in between so if you do either have any suggestions for any of those holidays, things you want to see or anything like that do let me know, and also if you want to see any of this content I keep going on about, make sure to subscribe so you are ready for all of the upcoming fun! Thanks for your continued support it means the world to me! I hit 50 subscribers on my channel today which was my target by Halloween so I am very excited about that! Hope you all had a good week! xx

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