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Spectrum A05 brush

I haven't tried a lot from spectrum, to be honest with you, I have only tried one other brush than this one and that was the A04 brush which I do enjoy I may add. I was quite excited to get this A05 brush in my Birchbox as I really wanted to see what it was going to be like and how I would find using it. I always think about investing in more brushes but I have so many it becomes difficult to know what to try as mine do a really good job. I think this is such a pretty brush and Spectrum make such cute combinations of bristle and brush colours that I can't get over how pretty they are.

The Spectrum collection brushes are something that I always really want to try out and test more from and I just don't need brushes, so I don't end up with as many as I want. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful it is though? The light pink handle is so lovely with the rose gold toned lettering to give the brand and brush name is a lovely contrast. The rose gold metal barrel connecting the brush handle to the bristles compliments the colours in the brush well and I really love the way it looks overall. the light pink bristles have a deeper pink tip which I also think is so pretty and compliments the overall look so well. 

The angled bristles work well on the cheeks to either carve out the cheek bones or to apply blush or highlighter on the cheeks with the angle or contour of the face. I have been enjoying using this brush for blush as I find it applies the colour nicely onto the cheeks and gives a really nice finish. When dipped into the pan or a powder product this brush picks up a really good amount of product to apply onto the cheeks. I found at first it was hard to see how much product is on the brush as it has a bright pink end and so the pink toned blush tended to bland in and be a bit camouflaged into the brush but after a few attempts I found it much easier to know how much product would be on the brush.

Overall I have been reaching for this in circulation with my other blush brushes for want of comparing it and I really do like it. I find I reach for it more and can use it for my more nude blushes as a slightly lower blush colour to almost mimic a bit of a contour if I am deciding not to go all out with my contour. At just £6.99 this brush feels like a true bargain, it isn't overpriced and it is one that I feel can easily work in a lot of collections without breaking the bank. I found this on the Spectrum website here, however I know they have been introduced into Boots stores and are on quite a few different places to shop now so I recommend looking out for them. I don't have many of these but I definitely think I want to branch out and get more as the ones I have tried have been really nice. 

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