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Soap and Glory fab pore mask

When I saw that Soap and Glory were launching face masks I couldn't wait to get my hands on them and was lucky enough to get them on the 3 for 2 offer Boots regularly do. I opted for the fab pore mask as I feel like more pores are quite large and I would say that my pores are my problem area. While I doubt very much this will solve the problem in one application I feel like I will get to see enough of an improvement to be able to know if this is worth using on a regular basis. 

For the packaging, it is a really nice silver foil package. The bright colours and the black and white imagery create a lovely contrast on the packet which I do like. I really like the branding and the logos and the effect overall on the packaging as it did draw my eye to it to make me want to stop and look at it. 

The mask itself is a sheet mask which I like as they are the most fuss free to put on and take off with minimal effort. The sheet was a nice quality with a thin, fibrous like finish to it which was comfortable and easy to wear. I have quite a small face and so I feel like I often end up with the masks being way too big but this one sits well on the face and didn't feel like I had too much excess fabric on the mask. 

On the mask is a gel like consistency product that worked on the skin, the mask is saturated in the gel and then a bit of excess is in the packaging, I left this in the packaging as I had a lot on the mask and didn't think to use the rest, however I think you would definitely have enough to make sure the mask was well hydrated. 

The mask was so comfortable to wear on the skin and although it says 15-20 minutes for leaving it on, I easily had it on for about 45 minutes, as I got a phone call while in the bath and so i was sat talking for a while and when I ended the call it had been on 15 minutes then.  I felt so comfortable with this on the skin that I easily could have left it on a bit longer had it not have started to feel a little dry from my skin absorbing and reacting to the product. 

My skin felt so soft and smooth when I removed the sheet mask, it gives the choice of either wiping off the excess product or rubbing it into the skin. I decided to rub it in to get the full effect and use thee majority of the product but I think either would be suitable. I was so impressed with the way my skin felt after using this, while I am not fully sure if it made the most impact on my pores they did feel a lot smoother and look less prominent on the skin under make up, so if I was to use this regularly it may work better in order to minimise them and make them less obvious. 

Overall the sheet mask was really nice, it worked well on the skin and was so lovely to use that I definitely think it is one I will lookout for and try again. At £3.50 it isn't the cheapest mask on the market but I do think it is really nice and if you are looking for a slight splurge on a face mask then it is worth getting to give a go. If you want to check it out online you can find it here for £3.50 on Boots, as well as being able to find the rest of the Soap and Glory range on there too! Let me know your favourite face mask, or your favourite Soap and Glory product in the comments as I am always keen to know what you are enjoying! 

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