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Sleek Full fat lash mascara

I have really rubbish eyelashes, they never hold a curl or end up looking long and beautiful no matter what mascara I use or how much I try to persuade them, so it can be difficult to know what mascara to try when they all claim to be the best. I got this one in a set by Sleek and so I didn't strictly choose it but the set was too good value for my not to buy for some of the other products I wanted. I didn't know how I would feel about this mascara, but I wanted to give it a really good test to see how it worked and what it was like. Excited to see if this would be one of few that made some impact on my lashes.

The packaging is a matte black tube with the Sleek logo being written on in a glossy black finish to give the branding some definition while still being subtle. All the other details of the mascara are printed on the bottom of the tube to allow it to have as minimal on the packaging as possible. the wand is really different to what I expected it has a thin, average sized wand up until about half way to the end where it domes out to create a ball on the end of the mascara wand as you can see in the picture below. 

The formula is a really nice easy to use. It has a really nice consistency that is wet enough to get easy coverage on the lashes but isn't the kind of wet where you can't blink for 10 minutes for fear of smudging it when you have applied it. I really like the way this applies and think it is a nice one to quickly put on with minimal fuss.

My lashes are very stubborn, they are short, straight and very rubbish. This mascara was really nice and definitely gave them a little bit of help. It isn't life changing and I think I still need to hunt for my holy grail, but this gave the lashes definition, a deep rich black tone and gave them a natural looking curl. I think for the name full fat lash it could have had more impact on the lashes for me, however this is so lovely it will be nice for everyday looks or built up for a slightly more evening look. The mascara wore well on the lashes, with them still looking good through the day. This is really good as I don't like mascaras that flake off during the day so I imagine I will be reaching for this a lot more. 

Overall, I really like this mascara, it isn't as full impact as I hoped from the name, but I think that can be due to my lashes and the way they are anyway as I find a lot of mascaras don't look so good on my lashes like they do on other people I see reviewing them. At £7 I think this is reasonably priced in the middle of the drugstore and a price I am happy to pay for a mascara. I think based on the fact it is more of a natural day time look on my lashes I think I will hold off repurchasing this for a while while I test out some other drugstore options as I have a few on my list that I cannot wait to try. If you want to check this out online you can find it on the Sleek website here, along with there other mascaras. Let me know if you have a favourite mascara in the comments as I am yet to find my holy grail and I would love to test out some of your favourites. 

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