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Setting some personal challenges

This will sound a little mysterious, and a little bit redundant as I don't want to say what I am up to yet, but I have set myself some goals in my personal life and I am so excited to be going about them. I am trying to focus on me a little more as I have been lacking in self care and lacking in motivation to better myself. So I have set myself a few goals and I am ready to smash them! I will be sharing more about them when I have completed and achieved the goal as I feel like if I talk to much about it before its complete it may never come together.

I find it so important to take care of yourself and really take time out to have little self care rituals, for me its taking a long hot baht with either a book to read or a film to watch to allow me to relax and float away into another world. I love using a bath bomb and seeing the colour unfold and using s face mask to draw out the impurities in the skin. I am really getting back into doing my nails at the minute I used to paint them all the time and then I got bored of it and never made time to do it, so I am making a point, now I have decluttered the nail polishes I own to paint them more, so do let me know if you want me to do nail art videos on my channel here as I would love to get back into doing my nails. 

The goals I have set myself are slightly educational based, they focus on expanding my knowledge and widening my abilities and I was surprised how much I knew about the area I have started learning about, I knew I had an interest but hadn't fully explored it before. I am so pleased with how well it is going and I am excited for something to develop from it all. 

I have also set myself some fitness goals, I aim to continue improving my fitness and looking into what I can do to improve my strength, flexibility and my stamina when running or using an exercise bike. I can tell I am getting better and improving my fitness and we have been going to the gym for quite a while now which has helped, but I still have a while to go before I reach some of the goals I want. 
In terms of my blog and YouTube, I am really happy with the direction they are taking at the minute, I am gaining followers and growing my YouTube channel, so if you don't follow my blog and you enjoy my content be sure to give it a follow, and if you didn't know I did YouTube why not pop over to my channel, you can find it here, and check out my content! 

I'd love to know what you're goals are at the minute and how you are finding things, I have so much planned for the coming months, Lots of videos, one every other day in October, and a video everyu day of December! So I have my work cut out keeping up with it all but I hope you are looking forward to seeing what I have in store as I hope you will enjoy it all. 

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