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September round up

Despite having a few days this month where I was sure it was November and wrote the date as November once or twice I cannot quite believe September is at an end. I am so excited for October and Halloween and I have lots to come next month, more on that later though! September has been quiet on the blogging front but I have had a nice month and felt like I have had some good achievements too.

September always feels a bit like a new year to me, its the time where I go back to work after a holiday off and the academic time begins once again. I find that this always spurs me on to make a few changes and treat it like a second chance at a 'new year' start. I have been more organised this month and I have spent a lot of time planning and prepping content for the coming months. I really want to work hard on my blog and YouTube channel, find that here, and really keep pushing my content to make it better. I have been trying to post consistently and I have made a lot of planning notes for next month so come back for all the content I will be uploading then. 

This month I was a little lapse, I haven't posted on Instagram this entire month, and I have only sporadically tweeted, as well as not posting on my Facebook page, it sounds lazy, but I wanted to take a little step back without actually stopping making content, but it showed me how much I actually miss doing it all and posting regularly so you can guarantee I will be back posting through October and up until Christmas and beyond! One thing I was so excited about is that my Zoella video has hit nearly 3,000 views on my YouTube channel and seeing it count up this month has been so surreal! I cannot believe how many people have seen it and found it! I know 3,000 is minimal on the grand scale of some channels but I am so proud of it! 

I have just felt like I have had a really quiet month and had a relax and just enjoyed spending some time with my husband we have planned some personal things together, I have some personal goals in my life that I am currently prepping for and I am mostly pretty happy with how life is at the minute. I am very excited for Halloween, I am uploading ever other day in October, starting the month with autumnal themed videos and then the second half of the month is Halloween themed, so I hope you are looking forward to all of that! I am also beginning to think about Christmas too, so if you want to request any videos you want to see before the end of the year let me know! I also want to know if you have any blog post requests before the end of the year as I would love to know what you want to see as I love testing new things and cant wait to share more reviews of things in the future. 

I would love to know what you have been up to this month in the comments so do let me know, and let me know what you have been loving this month too! 

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