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September; The reading list

I love reading and try to get some time with a good book whenever I get the chance, however I feel it doesn't always work out so well and I sometimes fall off the wagon and don't end up reading for weeks. This is what happened to me at the end of August, I was redoing my office and spent so long not reading that I just got out of practice. I am determined to read more and get through some books this month so I thought sharing the books I want to read with you would spur me on and keep me on track as I can review them when I am finished with them.

The first book I want to read is Divergent, I began reading this a while ago and never quite got through it as I got distracted put it down for a few weeks and then read something else, but I did enjoy the bits I had read up to the point I stopped and so I really want to find out what else happens in the story. I also want to watch the film once I see the movie, so I can't wait for that, it can be a cosy film we watch once I have read the book and we are having cosy autumnal evenings in together! 

I also have another of the Disney books I have been loving and reading lately, this one is called Poor Unfortunate Soul and is the tale of Ursula, how she came to be the wicked, evil sea witch she is and how it all began. I love books like this and it is all from Ursual's point of view which I think is great as we don't see the villains point of view in the normal Disney tales. 

Lastly, I hope to get through all three books, but who knows, I want to read the 'A whole new world' book, this is a twisted Disney tale, and this looks at what would have happened if Aladdin hadn't found the lamp which makes an interesting idea. I probably know Aladdin the least of all the Disney movies but I am excited to read this and re watch the film to remind myself what it is like. 

I would love to know what you are going to be reading this month or which of these you are most excited to see reviewed or if you are inspired to pick any of them up after seeing me talk about them! 

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