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September means autumn...

I know, I know. Autumn doesn't start when September does, but if your me, and the current me is sun burnt and sore, yes it still hurts 5 days on and I had to buy cream for burns from the chemist to do anything about it, I am ready for autumn. I am so excited for it and I fancied doing a chatty post to share all the things I am so excited for as autumn approaches!

Fashion, lets first all agree that autumnal fashion is just amazing. I am that person who is always cold, I love jumpers and getting cosy so I love wearing scarves, oversized jumpers and thick woolly tights. I am excited to wear more berry tones, thick knits and cute ankle boots. So expect some hauls coming up as I definitely have a wishlist as long as my arm at this point, but maybe we have to wait for payday after the scale of my office revamp! However I have an outfit challenge video planned so get excited for that! 

I am so excited for cosy autumnal evenings watching TV and movies cuddled up in a blanket with a candle burning and a hot chocolate, I am just excited. I love getting into my PJ's and just enjoying an evening in, I think its great! I am so glad Bake off is back on TV, I don't watch much TV but even thought its changed that's one thing I love watching at the minute, we also have a lot of films we want to watch so that will be a great excuse when it gets cold again and we can cosy up warm for the evening! 

I am so excited for all the seasonal things, I don't do too much for Halloween, but I do love to get in on some of the action so I think we will probably carve pumpkins and things like that, and then there is bonfire night which I love, I love fireworks, and sparklers and we usually go to a party for bonfire night so that will be good fun too. I wont say to much about Christmas, but we all know I am over excited don't we! 

I am so excited for the upcoming season change and I feel I have been slacking on content a little on here and my blog so I wanted to do a little post to share what I am excited for with you in order to be able to share some love and I would love to know what you are excited for in autumn! 

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