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Pop beauty eye trio Champagne mocha

Can you believe I hadn't heard of Pop beauty until I got this eye trio in a Birchbox? Well it's true, but I love trying new things so I decided to give it a go and see what its all about. I was really glad to see that the colours are neutral, I fell like sometimes you can get some products in subscriptions or in things like advent calender's and they aren't as wearable so I am glad to have natural every day shades. 

The packaging of the trio is reminiscent of the larger 10 pan products they stock on the website which is nice. The black opaque plastic back of the palette houses the three shades really nicely with a little space for the dual ended sponge that comes with it. I love the clear lid as it allows you to quickly and easily see the colours if you are quickly looking through your collection to find what you want to wear.

The colours swatch beautifully and have such beautiful pigmentation, I admit the lightest shade doesn't look perfect on my skin but it is so beautiful on my skin it is just a very light shade that almost matches my skin tone and so looks less pigmented and really pale.  I love the way these look on the skin with just a swirl in the product and swatched on to bare skin, although I do use a primer on my eyes when I use eye shadow I have for years and just wouldn't be without! 

I created a really simple look on the eye with just the three colours in the product to give a truer representation of how it would look and the way it would be used alone, but if you got a 10 pan palette you would have way more choice. The colours applied really nicely, the lightest shade, on the inner corner, doesn't look very obvious however it is so pretty and a nice neutral shade. The pinker mid toned shade makes a lovely lid colour without being too bold and, again for me it is quite a neutral colour on me, but one I can see being a nice go to shade. The darker shade is so pigmented and looked so good in the crease. I love the way it deepened up the look and would make such a great colour to deepen up the outer corner and is again one I would happily reach for regularly to create a nice defined crease. I deliberately added nothing else except mascara to the eyes for when I took the photos to be sure the eye shadows would be true to the way they applied and not have something distracting away from them. 

Overall I was so impressed with this little trio, I find the three colours compliment each other well and looked beautiful on the lid. They wore nicely, which I did expect over a primer but I typically wear one so wanted to test them that way as primers are so easy to get hold of now. I definitely like the way this worked and would consider picking up more in the future. I tend to find it hard to remember to buy things when I have to shop for them online as I usually like to browse the stands in store, however I do feel like it is something I would like to try more of should I be shopping online. The full sized palette with 10 eye shadows in is £15.50 on the pop beauty website here, with neutral versions and brighter coloured palettes being available in the range too. I would love to know what you are enjoying in terms of eye shadows at the minute so do leave me a comment as I am always on the lookout for something new! 

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