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No4 sugar texture spray

I have heard all about salt sprays and have dabbled with a few in the past, but I had never heard of a sugar texture spray until I unboxed my Birchbox last month and saw this staring back at me. I wasn't sure how similar it might be and was very excited to give this a go as it is something I am totally new to! This is also a brand I haven't heard of before so it makes it so much more exciting to try.

The product comes in a white bottle with minimal branding on which I really like. It can be so nice to have a lot of bright colours and fun branding sometimes, but other times you just want a sleek understated product that looks lovely on your dressing table. I like the contrast of the white bottle with the black spray lid, it looks so lovely. 

The product has a spray lid and is similar to other salt sprays I have used which this is a take on. The spray give an even distribution of the product into the hair. I find that when I use this it has a good spray which allows me to cover the hair evenly with minimal effort. 

I find this works well in my hair, however I have quite straight hair and so I find that when I use this and nothing else it doesn't have too much of an effect, which I knew it may not as I have used salt sprays in my straight hair and not seen much effect from them. However, when I plait my hair and leave it to have the crimped style look on the ends I get such a lovely beach waves effect when I add this in, and if I do the same with this when my hair has been curled it also has a lot of difference in the finish of my look. 

I love the added texture and messed up effect this gives my hair, but this does have a slightly crispy finish to the hair which was ok, but if if you don't like that then maybe look for something different. I didn't mind it once I knew it did this as I was willing to use it and get slightly crispy hair, but I would sometimes use hairspray as well which added to the texture if I was wanting a specific look. 

At £20 for the fulkl sized product on Birchbox here, I do think it is a little bit expensive compared to the drugstore options, however I do quite like it. I don't think this is a product I could warrant using enough to get my moneys worth, but I do enjoy it so I will continue to use it and enjoy it, but for the price and how much I will reach for it day to day I don't think it is one I would be able to justify purchasing and having again. 

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