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Miss Patisserie Ziggy bath bomb

As you probably already know from my blog I am a sucker for a bath bomb, I love them and I don't think I will ever get tired of bathing in swirls of pretty colours! I know seem to dominate the market for this kind of thing, but I cant resist trying a new brand and having alternatives to try. When I spotted Miss Patisserie in Boots I knew I had to give them a go, and the Ziggy bath bomb caught my eye for obvious reasons! 

The bath bomb is round and reminiscent of most bath bombs, with colours which ultimately drew me in! The top half of the bath bomb is dipped in the most beautiful looking gold shine that you could imagine, and I can promise it looks so much better in person. The base of the bath bomb is a white base with hints of purple, yellow and turquoise showing through which I am so excited to see in the water as I love having loads of colour in the water.  I should add I am not sure why the pictures are so dark, I must have not put flash on so I apologise for that! 

I had high expectations for this beautiful bath bomb, the colours in the bottom section gave me great anticipation into what it would do in the water and I was very excited to watch this one as it fizzed away. The bath bomb fell into the water and began to fizz away creating a beautiful fizzing effect. The colours didn't seem to translate into the water the way I hoped, but the cocoa butter style golden top on the bath bomb did dissolve and melt into the water giving the water a beautiful gold leaf style pattern as well as making my skin feel soft. 

The bath bomb smells lovely with it being said to have notes of musk and incense which are accompanied by exotic mandarin. The bath bomb has a lovely sweet-ish fruit like scent to it which is really nice and one I definitely enjoyed and would use products with this scent again if I was to buy this, or another product that smelt like this in the future. 

The bath bomb made the water feel soft and luxurious as well as having a nice blue tint to the water. It was so relaxing and nice to be in, the scent filled the room and the tinted water reminded me of the sea, imagining I was on some far off distant island soaking in the sea. I have to say I was initially disappointed with the lack of colour this gave out as I hoped for a really pretty show in the water based on the look of the bath bomb, but it was still very lovely and nice to watch as it fizzed away. 

I think the bath bombs are a really nice product, and I definitely think I would pick up a few more should I be in a Boots store and fancy a bath bomb, however, I don't think I would switch to these over my ever favourite bath bombs from Lush, just due to the fact that I love the explosion of colour Lush give and I feel this didn't quite match up on the side of things. 

At £4.50 they are definitely competitively priced on the market and I think they sit in the bracket decently, and especially when on 3 for 2, which is the offer I managed to get these on they work out roughly £3 a bath bomb which is about right for the brands I have seen. If you are interested in finding this online you can find it on Boots here, they also have a wider range than just bath bomb on Boots if you want to find more from the brand to explore, although I have only tried two bath bombs at this point I hope to try more in the future. Let me know if you have tried these and what your thoughts are, as well as what your favourite bath product is as I would love to know! 

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