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Meech n Mia brow liner

I don't do a lot with my brows, and have never really put too much focus on them, however, I really want to get into doing my brows as I think it would make a nice addition to my make up routine. I have also never heard of the brand Meech and Mia, but I love trying new brands and was really excited to see what this was like.

The pencil is wooden and like a normal writing pencil, I don't tend to mind the pencil style ones, but I do think they can be a little more dry than some of the other pencils, but I still wanted to give this a fair test. I got the colour #022 which is the medium shade and when I opened it I thought it would make a really nice colour match, or looked to be a good colour match in the pencil.

The pencil has a really nice slightly waxy texture which means I didn't feel like I needed to use a brow gel or a wax on top to set it in place. The pencil has really lovely pigmentation and goes on the skin really nicely, if anything I would say it was more pigmented than I expected so I definitely applied it with a much heavier hand than I should have, but I quickly was able to rectify this and make it look natural.

The colour was so easy to draw onto the brows and I found it easy to work with to fill in my brows. I am going to say I am honestly the worst at eyebrows so when I find something eyebrow related easy to use that isn't a brow mascara I give the product a little pat on the back as I know its got to be fail safe, minus applying this with a heavy hand. I admit my brows have been a bit stronger and more fierce than they were when using this, but I think they look good now I am used to seeing myself with this on. I have steered clear of my brows other than a bit of brow mascara for a while now as I hate doing them and need to work on getting better at them.

The product lasted really well in my brows, the slight waxy feel held the hairs in place and the colour stayed on all day from applying to washing off my make up. It didn't feel like I had product on and I didn't have to worry about it fading or looking patchy through the day. I do feel like I still need a little bit of work to perfect this as I am still a bit heavy handed with it but its more user error than the pencils fault, after all we cant bash a product for high pigmentation can we?!

Overall, I feel like this is a really amazing brow pencil, I am quite fussy with brow products and usually don't bother with them as, well I suck at doing my brows, but I feel like I wanted to branch out and getting this in my Birchbox pushed me to do so. I feel like at £12.99 this definitely isn't the cheapest option for brows and as a beginner, I don't know I would rush to buy this, but if you feel you want a nice quality product that works really well and you are in the market for that price range then I recommend checking this out. If you want to find this online I have linked to the Brichbox shop with the product to buy here to help you find it, and so you could see the shade range and the reviews on the Birchbox site clearly too to help you form a full opinion. Let me know your favourite brow products in the comments as I am always on the hunt for new ones to try!

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