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Lush sex bomb bath bomb

Lush's range of bath bombs is quite diverse and has a b it of something for everyone, I have never really picked up the sex bomb bath bomb in the past, and I am not totally sure why. The bath bomb looks appealing and is nice to look at, but the others always seemed to take priority when I was shopping. I was so glad to get this in a gift set from friends and finally be pushed to try it. So was it one I should have tried earlier? 

The bath bomb is mostly pink with a purple top to the bath bomb. The purple part on the top has a little hole in the middle which reveals a beautiful flower that looks so pretty in the top. I love the little touch of the flower as it means it isn't just a plain looking bath bomb. 

The bath bomb had a really lovely scent to it, it has jasmine and ylang ylang in it which smell so lovely, I always steered clear of this as I somehow convinced myself it was rose scented which it certainly isn't, however it is still a floral scent. I did however enjoy it and it has slightly opened my eyes to more floral options when I want something less sweet. 

When I dropped the bath bomb into the water it was very fast fizzing, it swept under the water excitedly fizzing away, barely able to contain itself, I like that it was fast fizzing but I for one, as a blogger, enjoy a good bath bomb photo session and this didn't give much room for that, however it did turn the water a beautiful pink shade which I thought was perfect for the theme of the bath bomb and the way it looked before taking a dunk in my bath. 

As I relaxed in the water the scent was lovely, the water was a pretty pink and I then I began to notice some soap  or paper link rose petals floating by me in the water. The were so delicate and broke when I tried to pick them up, but they were undeniably pretty and I love the effect they had making it feel romantic and girly. 

While I will admit to anyone the colourful showstoppers are my favourite in the Lush line up, this one was such a nice change, the different scent and the chance to try a different type of scent was lovely as well. The bath bomb is £3.75 from Lush here or in store, it was one I once overlooked and I feel so silly for not giving it a chance and now it is one that I have really enjoyed! I definitely recommend this one if this sounds up your street! I would love to know your favourite bath bomb in the comments so I have some new ones to be inspired to try on your recommendations! 

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