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Lush Rocket science bath bomb

bath bomb lush rocket science
Oh look, I'm over here with another bath bomb. I do try to be good and space these out because if I could, I would use a lush bath bomb every day of the year, except life doesn't allow! I could not resist the new bath bomb they have released that looks like a rocket. It is mainly blue with a little yellow fire coming out the end to show it blasting off into space! I love the blue toned bath bombs so I knew this would be right up my street. Lets find out how it worked in the bath!

rocket science bath bomb in water
The bath bomb is such a awesome rocket shape and I think the fact it is a totally different shape than the usual round bath bombs makes it such a fun one for kids, or if you want a more fun looking gift. I wont lie, I bought this because its such a fun looking bath bomb and I always get drawn into these ones, whereas some of the round normal ones I haven't bothered to try as I think they don't look as fun...  The scent of the bath bomb is slightly more subtle than some of the ones I have tried, but I think that could be as I have had it on my shelf a few weeks waiting to be used. It has Sicilian lemon oil and bergamot oil, and it smells so lovely. I think its the bergamot I can smell but it does smell really nice which is always good! 

The bath bomb sat on top of the water as it gently began to fizz away leaving a trail of yellow fizziness behind it looking like it was blasting off into space as the blue rocket began to fizz and start to turn the water blue. It looked so beautiful and definitely eye catching with the bright vibrant colours in the water.

rocket science bath bomb in water lush
As it fizzed some more the bath bomb swirled beautiful colours after taking a strange few minute nose dive into the water and submerging all of itself in the water. This did spoil the effect some, as I like it when they floats completely, but it was still beautiful. The bath bomb began to create patterns and colours in the water, with some pink hues coming out into the vibrant blue water for the contrast and effect in the water
lush rocket science bath bomb in water
The bath was left a beautiful vibrant blue shade and looked lovely in the water. It was so lovely to sink into the water and feel like I was in the deep blue sea pretending to be some kind of mermaid in the magical blue water. The colour was so amazing and vivid that I was so impressed with the way the bath water looked I was excited to hop in.

Overall I was really pleased with this bath bomb, it fizzed a little slower than some others I have tried but it worked well to still give a good show in the water and not fizz so slow it might become boring. The bath became a vivid blue which I loved and it was so relaxing to be in. At £2.95 rocket science bath bomb is one of the cheaper bath bombs from the Lush range, you can find it online here. I really enjoyed using this bath bomb and I could see it being quite a hit! I am so exited to recommend this one to people as I think it was so pretty, and if you love blue, or blue tones this one could just be the perfect bath bomb for you! What is your favourite bath bomb to use?

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