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L'Oreal detox face mask

I recently tried out the L'Oreal purity clay mask, review here, and I was so intrigued to try more from the range that I added them to my shopping list. When I saw they did a sample kit in Superdrug I decided I wanted to test them out and see before I bought the full size of the other two in the trio. I decided to review the two in the pack which I hadn't tried individually in case you were more interested in just one of the products rather than a mix as I'm not into multi masking. Said to be like a magnet which draws out impurities so I was eager to test it out!

This particular one came in a little sachet as it was a sample, however the full size comes in the typical glass container with the green and white lid. I do really like the full size packaging and think it is really lovely and substantial. The product itself is black which I would expect from the charcoal in the product. The product has a pleasant smell, it smells clean and like most clay masks which I like, and you can't really detect the smell when applied to the face.

The actual little pot I got was only 10ml so I was a little worried that it may not do my whole face based on the fact it was intended to be a multi masking kit, but I applied a decently thick layer as I normally would and I still had half the pot left so I got a good two uses from this. I have just looked up the full size while typing this and the full size is 50ml and says you get 10 applications so for me to get two uses from the 10ml sachet works out right. 

The product applies to the face really easily and is quick to apply with the formula being a nice consistency to work over the face. It feels so comfortable on the skin while it is working its magic only feeling a little tight on the skin when it dries down, which is typical of this type of mask. It definitely feels comfortable enough to wear on the skin and not need to wash off the second it is dry though. I feel like this is a really nice one and I think it did draw out all the impurities in my skin to bring them out as well as help to heal the few spots I had on my skin quicker than I thought it would.

Overall I think the mask is really good, I like that it seemed to draw out all the impurities in my skin and help to draw out the rubbish that was brewing to cause spots, as well as seeing to aid in clearing up the ones I already had. My skin felt lovely after using this and I definitely felt this was effective in helping to clear out my skin and make it look and feel clearer in the long run. The L'Oreal clay mask is £7.99 and can be found on Boots here, and they have a wide range of other types of these clay masks if this one doesn't sound like its for you so I recommend looking them up to see the whole range! 

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