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Dermalogica daily microfoliant

I was really intrigued with the Dermalogical daily microfoliant, I have never used or seen a product like this until it came in my advent calendar last year and I have tested it on and off since then to see what I think. The reason it is unlike any other product I have used is because it comes in powder form. Yes, that's right, this face wash makes its way to you as a powder and you make it into a paste like product as and when you want to use it. Definitely not a concept I had tried before.

The product comes in a plastic container with a screw on lid which is really east to use. when you take off the lid there is a semi circle style opening on one side of the top of the product to allow you to shake out the product into your hand and dispense as much or as little as you wish. The powder is a fine grain texture which is white in colour. I have to say it reminds me of something like flour in the way it looks but feels like a fine sand grain texture that isn't too rough to touch. 

I found the concept a little hard to get right at first, I didn't know how much powder to use or how much liquid, but I kept persevering every time I used it to really get the hang of it. I sprinkle some of the powder into my hand and add a few drops of warm water and begin to work the product into a paste with my opposite index finger, mixing the water and powder adding a little of either one to make it an easier consistency to work with. I then apply this to my already damp face usually by rubbing my palms together to distribute some product onto both to cover my face quickly and effectively. 

With the fine granules in the mixture giving the skin a nice, pleasant exfoliation on the skin it is really nice and not harsh to use at all. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this when I used it on the skin, with it being a unique texture and not like a typical face wash or exfoliator, however it applies really nicely to my damp face and I feel I can rub the skin to work the product into it without it being harsh due to the gentle nature of it. I do however feel like it does give my skin a nice exfoliation which isn't harsh or overly stripping. I do use this as either a second cleanse or a morning cleanse as I like to use other things to remove my make up with, so I sometimes skip this when I am feeling super lazy in the evening after taking off my make up, however, it is a product I know I can get a gentle exfoliation from and enjoy using when I do want an extra bit of care in my skin care routine.

Overall I really do like this, its gentle on the skin and once you get used to making the paste it is quite a quick thing to make and you have a good basis for how much powder and water you need and it kind of just becomes second nature. This being said, I do feel that it is a bit of a faff, sometimes I just want a scrub that I can squeeze out and use, premixed and ready to slap on my face. At the RRP of £48 for 74g of product, here, I feel it is a little more on the pricey side of skin care. While the 13g mini has lasted a lot of uses and I still have a lot left I don't feel I would be reaching for this regularly enough to want to spend the money on it. My skin did seem to like this and felt soft and smooth after using this and I will continue to reach for it until its empty however, I don't feel it is something I would want to purchase for the price of it.  

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