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CND vinylux Magenta mischief

I love nail polish, let me tell you I have well over 300 and I definitely need a huge clear out! But who can say no to another on? I certainly cant... When I went to the Beauty temple event in Mapperley, you can find the vlog here if you want to see what I got up to, the goody bag contained a nail polish which upon seeing this beautiful magenta shade I knew instantly I was in love with and couldn't wait to try! The CND Vinylux polishes are ones that before the event I had never tried, I have only ever had my nails done in a salon twice, once for my wedding and a second time as a treat from my husband and at the time I had a different brand of gel to the CND just due to what they stock. I was so excited to wear this colour and couldn't wait to see it on. 

The bottle is a lovely standard looking nail polish. The clear bottle lets you see the beautiful colour, as well as it being nice to be able to see how much is left if you use this a lot and work down the product. It also means this is quick to find in your collection if you are looking through as you can see the colour. The white writing on the bottle contrasts really well with the product inside and is really easy to read and see which I think is great as I want to be able to see the branding and information clearly. The matte black slightly texture lid is a nice length to hold and use when painting your nails. The brush is quite thin compared to some other brands but I do still like it, its a nice slim size for the little nails but is still good for bigger nails such as my thumb. 

The polish applies to the nail really easily and looks almost opaque in one coat. I think if you were in a rush you could definitely get away with just one coat, but if your being picky I think it looks full coverage after two. I also apply two coats in order to have the most coverage on the nail for the best finish. I don't have the vinylux top coat to go with the nail polish to create the full 2 step application, however I decided to leave these without a top coat to see how it got on! 

The nail polish lasted quite well on the nails, however I did find it chipped before the seven days had passed. I will note, in this time I had bleached the kitchen, and scrubbed the sink with bleach and things. I bent one of my nails back and cracked the polish along the crease, and have done a lot of typing, and working with my hands. While it didn't last the whole seven days when I had this on I put it through its paces and really did make sure it got a thorough test. I think if I had put a top coat on the polish and done a full manicure it would have been more long lasting. 

From using this, I really do enjoy the polish, the colour is so beautiful and I love the way it looks on the nails, with this being a colour I can see myself reaching for. I love the range of colours they have and you can find out more about these on the CND site here. The site takes you to an American site for shopping the products, and I did find them on some sites with an RRP of £9.95, but I don't want to link a site I haven't used to buy just to let you do your own research as I don't want to recommend a site I don't know is good. However, these come up on a lot of sites if you google it, and I'm sure you can find somewhere to get them. I definitely think this is a lovely nail polish and I would definitely look into getting more colours from the range if I didn't need such a big nail polish clear out. If you want to try these, you could look for a local salon and treat yourself to a manicure if you didn't want to pick up a bottle yourself, or if you like to have your nails done. I would like to try more of these, but I think at this point I wont be trying them out again unless I go to a salon to have my nails done as I just don't have the space for more nail polishes! 

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