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Clarins BB cream fair

I haven't used a BB cream for quite a long time, and I wasn't really sure I was going to pick any up, but when I got a sample of the Clarins BB cream and it happened to be the fair shade I was so pleased to get a sample that is a shade that would actually suit my skin colour as that barely ever happens! I haven't tried a lot from Clarins so I was excited to get to try something as the foundation and BB cream type products can be quite pricey from most brands so I don't like to invest in any without properly being colour matched or giving it a good test on my hand to feel the formula, so how did I get on with this?

I have a sample of this so mine comes in a little foil packet, but the full size of this comes in a squeeze tube which I don't mind for BB creams, especially with a slightly thicker consistency, but it I would still pick a pump for this style of product given the option. The full size packaging is still really pretty, I like the red I feel it is bright and stands out which is really nice and more interesting than some of the plainer, neutral looking BB cream packaging you find on other brands.

The consistency of the product is a really nice firm texture that holds its shape without running off the hand, but is thin enough to blend easily on the face without feeling like you have a lot of product on. I found this was so light weight and really easy to wear I honestly didn't feel like I was wearing a BB cream at all. I found this so nice to work with and I really enjoyed the overall  finish on my skin. 

When using this, I had a sample in the shade 'fair' which I had high hopes of matching me as it is rare to get a sample that isn't in a shade 'medium' so I usually end up giving them away as they wont ever match me. When I used this it wasn't a disaster, however the colour definitely didn't match me, and while I did film with the colour on my skin it wasn't ideal and it looks decent in the footage I just don't think I could have left the house like that if I had needed to. 

I found that once applied the product looked nice on the skin and lasted really well giving a beautiful soft coverage on the skin and just evening out any areas on my skin that needed a bit of TLC. My under eyes where still a little visible, but not completely and my redness was blurred to hide it. It had the coverage I would expect from BB cream and looked lovely on the skin without being obvious that I was wearing something, (excluding the slight off match from the shade) on the skin. 

I don't often reach for BB creams any more but I was delighted to test out a new ones and see how I got on with it in order to widen my scope of products again, and maybe give me a push to try some more BB creams rather than sticking to foundations all the time. I have to say the shade 'fair' did not match me well enough to use on my skin other than testing the product and so I would definitely have to go and be properly matched to see if there is a lighter shade to match me better, however, from the sachet I have used I do think it is one that I would like to try out again and test more as I enjoyed the way it looked on the skin and how it felt. The full size of this is £30 and comes in three shades which you can find on Boots here if you are interested in looking for it online. I would love to know what you are using on your skin at the minute in terms of foundation or BB cream, so do let me know int he comments! 

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