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Benefit its potent eye cream

I have tried quite a few of the Benefit make up products, but haven't really looked into the skin care side of the brand so when I got a sample of the its potent eye cream I was really excited to give it a go. I am currently getting to the end of the one I have on the go and wanted to test this one out before I fully ran out in order to see if I want to purchase a different eye cream and have an idea of what this one is like.

The cream I have is a sample size, which comes in a little pouch which is easy to use and has such a good amount of product to test it out with. The full sized product does come in the proper packaging which is a clear blue-ish toned jar,  with a wood grain looking lid. I quite like the packaging, but I have really long nails and so sometimes having to poke my finger in a jar means it goes all under my nails, however I will make the exception if the product is worth it. 

The cream is a nice consistency it has a little bit of thickness to it which feels really hydrating on the under eye area but is still easy to apply without feeling heavy or thick. The cream sinks into the eye area quickly and easily to leave the skin feeling smooth and ready for any other face products you may use. 

My under eyes felt hydrated and well looked after when using this and I do think it was nice to use. I found it worked well and did a good job of helping to keep the area smooth and feeling nice. While the Benefit skin care is on the pricier end of the scale I do think it is a lovely eye cream that I have enjoyed using over around 5 days to a week that this has lasted. The Benefit eye cream is on Boots here for £28 if you want to find it online to find out more on the website. Although I have used some cheaper eye creams that have worked well that are more affordable I do like this one and I would consider purchasing it in the future should I want to treat myself to a new eye cream. 

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