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Avon Mark perfect brow creme gel pot Soft brown

We are all very aware of the Anastasia Beverly hills brow pomade hype, and I can assure you I have definitely been tempted with it in the past. We all also know how bad I suck at doing my eyebrows, its ok, I'm so bad I often forget to do them all together. However, when I saw the Mark brow creme in Avon I decided it seemed a decent dupe and I would give it a go in order to see what the hype with these creme, pomade style products might be about. I was eager to receive it and couldn't wait to see how it worked on my brows.

The product comes in a little clear glass pot with a white lid which has the 'Mark' brand logo on the top in black writing to create a nice contrast. The packaging feels really nice quality and really sturdy which I like as I feel like it isn't going to break or allow the product to dry out prematurely. I bought the brush to go with the product as well because I wasn't sure what brush I would use to apply this so thought it would be a good idea to get one that is designed for the product. The brush has a thin pointed end on one side that reminds me somewhat of an eyeliner brush, while the other end is more of the angled brow brush shape we are used to seeing. The brush feels good quality and I couldn't wait to see how they worked together.

The colour,a s the name suggests is a lovely soft brown, I definitely think I would be between this colour and the slightly light shade called auburn, however because I dye my hair darker and my brows are brown it does still suit them nicely I just have to try not to be too heavy handed with the product. The product is a nice firm but creamy formula which is easy to get onto the brush. I find the product has enough density that the brush doesn't just go into the product and create a huge dint, however it is enough to put a bit of pressure on to get some product onto the brush. 

The product is really easy to apply to the brows, being a complete newbie to cream brow products I wasn't sure how I would get on with it, however I found it surprisingly easy to work with in order to create a nice brow shape. I have used this quite a few times to test it out, the first time I used this I was a bit unsure and although it applied nice it wasn't as perfect as it could have been, but a few attempts and I soon got a good technique going and it looked lovely.

The product has good pigmentation and lasts really well on the brows which I like as I hate it when brow products fade through the day. I find it looks lovely and really gave them a lot more dimension than some of the other products I have used on my brows in the past. 

Overall I love the way this looked, I was unsure if I would like this or not and so I was apprehensive to try it, but now that I have tried it I am glad I have. I have wanted to try the cream/pomade brow products for a while now but I have always been a bit unsure how I would get on with them, so while I wont need to repurchase this for a long time due to the amount of product I definitely think it will make me want to try out some from other brands to expand my creme brow collections. If you want to shop the Mark brow creme you can find it here at £4 on offer, usually £7 and the brush can be found here for £3.50 on offer instead of £6. I am so glad I branched out and decided to use this as I am really enjoying the way it looks. Let me know your favourite brow product that you recommend I try out as I really want to do more with my brows. 

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