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Avon Bubble gum bubble bath

avon bubblegum bubble bath
I am a huge fan of bubble baths and I go on and off the Avon ones, just because when I don't have a local rep to get them from or I don't see a book I forget about them once I have bought a couple in town. I also highly favour a bath bomb which I use alone, same as I use a bubble bath alone, and so when I want a fancy bath with a bath bomb I forget about bubble baths as well. When I was flicking through an Avon book that was posted through my door the other week I couldn't resist the sound of this bubblegum bath bomb, and I anxiously awaited my order hoping it wouldn't disappoint! 

The bubble bath comes in the classic Avon bubble bath bottle, which has the ridged sides and edges as well as a smooth rectangular panel down the middle of the front and the back to have the fragrance branding and the information on the back of the bottle. I really like the bottles and think they are a nice change to the plain bottles some come in, and it also makes me think of bubbles with the sides being the rounded bubble like look. 

The pink, classic bubblegum colour of the bubble bath adds to the awe of the whole product, while the scent is just on another level. Imagine the most delicious bubble gum you have ever smelt and tasted in your entire life, and this smells exactly like that. I honestly think I would drink this if it wasn't actual bubble bath that would probably see my foaming at the mouth and very ill....

One of my favourite things about this bottle is I have such a good measure for how much I use, if I want a quick, or less bubbly bath I use around on 'bubble' or 'ridge' worth on the bottle, or if I wanted a longer, or more bubbly bath I use two ridges worth on the edge of the bottle. If you use these, you kinda get to know how much it is when pouring it, I just wanted to give you a rough idea how much I use.

The bubbles are so lovely and while it isn't the most over powering scent, it did scent the bath nicely and it allowed me to use other scents within the bath and be a bit mix and match still, as believe it or not I don't really have any other bubblegum scented bath products as there aren't too many around! I think this is such a lovely scent and I have adored using it in the bath and testing it out as I cannot get enough of it! 

Overall I think this is one of the nicest bath products I have ever used! Bubblegum is probably one of my favourite scents anyway, and so I think it is always going to be right up near the top no matter what, but it makes lovely bubbles in the water and its just an all round lovely product that I wish I could stock up for life on, however I'm currently very conflicted with waiting for all the autumn and Christmas scents to come out so maybe I wont buy a thousand bottles of this and save some money for testing out other scents as that will be very exciting too! I definitely recommend you picking this up if you love bubblegum scents as I honestly could drink it it smells that good! (Please don't drink it, it probably wont taste good and it wont be good for your health!) 


  1. This doesn't look like an Avon product at all, the packaging really threw me!
    I've just chucked out all of my Lush Bath Bombs, I went on a rampage 2 years ago this Christmas and had to admit I wasn't going to use them - I think I've used one since I bought them, never a bath girl!
    Rachael Helpless Whilst Drying

    1. Aww thats a shame! I know what you mean by the label and stuff! This works so well, but over the summer I have definitely been leaning towards a shower more! x