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A new years resolution?

I sometimes find I am really far in advance with all of this and I have had weeks where I have had a full week or two scheduled in advance, and then other times like today I wake up at 5am spend quality time with my family and friends today and just enjoy the day. I feel so unproductive now as I had nothing scheduled what so ever in my drafts and it does stress me a bit as I love writing and posting videos, which I also don't have a video scheduled for tomorrow either, so I hope to get time to do that tomorrow before I have to run a few errands too... So it really got me thinking about re-organising and re-adjusting things and having a bit of a autumn clean (kinda spring clean and declutter) redo my schedule and look at how I can get back in front. I thought, its technically still the new school year, so it's half fitting to make a 'New years' resolution. 

I have had a really rocky start to the month, my office still isn't done, this means my room is still a bit of a mess and I just feel a little overwhelmed with the unfinished look of it all. It's impacted my filming, I don't have the space to sit and plan properly yet and I just haven't had much chance to sit and properly plan my content and get back in front with it all since starting my office make over. I want to get my room finished and done as soon as I can, and really have a good tidy and make sure my room is fit to film in again as filming on the floor isn't ideal! I just miss the feeling of being prepped and ready and knowing my content will go up. 

I have so many bags of stuff to take to the charity shop, as well as things set aside to sell on to other people who can appreciate things I no longer want or need and I really just want to get rid, its one of those jobs that if I am not passing a charity shop, or I don't have time to take photos and list things on a selling site, it has to take a back seat. I want to sell on some things I no longer want and put the money towards something, I am not quite sure what, but I do want some nice lights to film with so maybe they will be something I look for next. 

I have had a lot of stressful things in my personal life lately, and I am determined to sort things out and get rid of as much stress as I can, as well as focusing on positives as I have some really exciting personal things happening too! I cannot wait to share the positive things when I am able to talk about them, and I look forward to getting rid of some of the sources of stress in my life! 

I have so many ideas and so much content planned for the coming months leading up to and through to New Year, so I feel like I have some organisation but I don't think it is yet as good as it can be. I want to really get back in front, I want to have a few videos filmed to be in front with and get back on track with having content prepped and planned to be really consistent with my blog and YouTube again. 

Let me know your current goals for the month or the rest of the year as I really do want to know what your hoping to get done and I like to be supportive of everyone's goals as we all need positive encouragement to push through and achieve! 

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