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Zoella Shower shake body wash

Having watched Zoella from almost the beginning, I can honestly say I am genuinely happy for her and the success she has made of her blog and YouTube, and I think it is so inspiring to see how far it can go should it take off like it did for her. I haven't really tried any of her products in the past and we all know I could stock a small shop with my collection, but I couldn't resist these when the pop up event was in Nottingham, so I picked up this, the scrub and the body mist. I was so excited to try this, and love the idea of it being a moisturising body wash.

The packaging is so cute and I love the way its shaped like a milkshake, I have to say I was most drawn to this product of all of them because of the packaging. Its such a cute milkshake bottle that I just love it! The pastel tones of the bottle create a lovely illusion of a milkshake with a stripey straw and even down to the cherry on the top. The detail that has gone into the bottle is so obvious and it is definitely the biggest stand out in the range.

The product has extracts of Elderflower and pomegranate which give it its scent, which I quite like, but I think it may be one of the scents that could be something some people aren't keen on. I do like it, but it isn't the sweet scent I was expecting from the range. The shower gel is a thicker formula than regular shower gel which is typical of the moisturising ones I have found.

The rich cream coloured formula works into the skin easily, and while it doesn't foam like a regular shower gel it has a creamy, moisturising feel to it which makes it really lovely to use. It is easy to rinse off and feels soft on the skin leaving it feeling soft. I think this is really nice and while it isn't the most moisturising formula I have tried, but it definitely left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and on days I don't want to moisturise I feel like I can use this and still feel like I have treated my skin without a need to apply moisturiser. 

I was really impressed with this shower gel, at £6 on Superdrug here, it isn't the cheapest shower gel I have used, but I do like it. I think if I didn't have a huge selection of shower gels to use up before needing to buy any more I would consider repurchasing this as I do think it is good, but I think I would like to try some other shower gels from Zoella, such as the shower sauce from the same range, just to try a varied amount of her products. I am really looking forward to seeing what will be coming out for Christmas as I hope it will be as exciting as last year launch looked, despite being bogged down with things and not actually trying the range I hear it was amazing! Let me know your favourite product from Zoella beauty if you have tried any as I would love to try more! 

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