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Zoella Gelat'eau body mist

I am a huge fan of body mists, I use them day to day when I don't have much on and I tend to wear them for work as I can easily leave one in my locker and spray it to freshen up if I feel like I need to through the day. I decided on the 3 for 2 offer I would get the body mist as I always have a few handy and thought I could give this one a go. The pretty bottle looks lovely on the side and I was excited to see how it held up. 

The bottle is white with a pretty geometric like design with orange pink and blue shapes gracing the bottle. The Zoella logo and the branding is done in a mix of white and metallic gold to give it a pop of shimmer. I like the bottle and think it looks fun and bright for summer, my only complaint would be you cant see how much is left so if you were getting close to the end you wouldn't know how much there was until it was gone, other than judging by the weight of the bottle and having a guess.

The scent is an elderflower and pomegranate and I honestly do really like it, it isn't the sweet jelly and ice cream scent I expected from the range, but it is a little more of a summer elderflower scent. with a hint of the floral notes. The spray is really nice and disperses the product well onto the skin or onto your clothing. it disperses it well and isn't too watery, as some I have owned have a really 'wet' spray if that makes sense... 

The fragrance lasted really well through the day and although I sprayed it onto my clothes which is my preferred way to wear a body mist, I kept catching the scent of this for a long time after I applied it, I probably would freshen up after about 4 or 5 hours if I was still on the go, but I think that is more for my peace of mind that I am still smelling fresh than the product wearing away. 

At £8 this is more on the fence between a perfume and a body spray and I love the way it is designed in the glass bottle to be more like a perfume as it feels much more expensive and substantial. I feel like this would be great for someone either young or in there teens who wants perfumes but doesn't want to have anything overly expensive as they are really good value for money and the scent lasts really well. I really want to check out some of the other body mist scents as these are definitely a great balance between a body spray that can sometimes wear away quickly and feel a little teen like and a perfume which would be far more expensive. I think for the price, and the accessibility of being in Superdrug here they are definitely worth popping in to check out!  Let me know if you have tried anything from the Zoella beauty range and what your favourite product is! 

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