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Victoria's Secret Love Addict fragrance mist

I had never tried the Victoria's Secret body sprays until I was kindly gifted these from a friend, however I have heard so much about them and knew they were always going to be on my list to try until I did finally try them. I have the scent Love Addict, and from looking on the website they all have names that don't indicate the smell, but this comes in a beautiful purple bottle so I definitely think I would be drawn to this one in store.

The bottle is a sturdy plastic bottle with a gradient colour label around the bottle to give it a beautiful colourful look. This one is a purpley pink shade as you can see, and I really do like the way it looks. The logo is the original Victoria's Secret one and then the branding on the bottle is gold and so pretty. I really love the bottle and look of this spray is a nice clean finish that isn't too teen looking and wouldn't look out of place in a more grown up perfume and fragrance collection.  The lid is very sturdy and I don't feel as thought it would come off if you were to put this in your handbag, school bag or in a bag to travel with this. The bottle is 250ml so I feel like you are getting a lot of product in this and it will last a really long time as some sprays are a lot smaller, and I know how quick these types of sprays can go down when you use them a lot so I think this one will last really well.

The scent is described on the website as wild orchid and blood orange, which seeing that written down I don't know if I would have immediately jumped to smell this as it sounds like it would be floral and fruity and I don't know how the scents would match together. I do really like the scent of this, I find it quite unique and I can detect the slightly sweet and fruity scents as well as the floral notes too and it is just quite unique and unlike any other scent I have. 

In my opinion the scent of this is so lovely, it is nice to use something a little different to my usual scents I go for. I find this lasts really well when I spray this onto my skin or clothing. I usually find when I am moving around I catch the scent and remember I have this on, which is really nice as its a good sign your perfume or body spray is holding up well. I would reapply this probably in the afternoon if I was out all day just to be 100% sure I was still smelling fresh and lovely, but I would even with my expensive perfumes should I have them with me or have the opportunity as I just want to stay as fresh as possible. This being said I don't think it is essential to top up the scent of this if you either cant or don't want to. 

Overall I am so impressed with this body spray, I feel like I should have tried them sooner as they are really good. At £12 full price, but they do go on offer from time to time, they aren't the cheapest body sprays on the market, but for something that is a little more grown up and definitely more of a perfume like scent rather than a more teen body spray I can definitely see me adding to my collection of these. If you want to find this scent online you can find it on Superdrug here, as well as them stocking what I presume is the whole range for you to choose from. Let me know your favourite scent from this range if you have tried any, or your favourite body spray if you have one! 

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