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Things I have done that I am proud of

I have a really bad habit of putting myself down and not recognising anything I do as success, as I just don't ever let myself be proud of myself. One of the weirdest and craziest things is that most of the things mentioned in this post feature in a post I have written and in my drafts called 'why every success feels like a failure' I have no idea if that will ever see the light of day, but believe me its there. I decided, I will keep that post, but I wanted to write a positive post about my achievements and things I would have had on a bucket list but never really did as I didn't have a bucket list really. I feel like I should be more positive and appreciate myself a little bit more than I usually do! 

The first thing I know I have made a massive achievement with is getting a degree, I finished my degree in 2014, and I now have a degree in Criminology. It usually surprises people the degree I have, but I absolutely loved the course and loved learning about it, I would honestly love to go back into the criminology area of research and learning again, but I don't know where life will take me and if I will ever use it to its full potential at my current stage in life, but it is such a huge passion and I am constantly interested in that area with me reading books on it all expanding my knowledge. I don't know where I will end up with it all but its nice to have an interest in things and keep that interest as a bit of a hobby for now! 

At 20 years old, my then fiance, now husband, and I were able to buy our first home. Although we had been saving for a couple of years and being sensible with our money over the time I was at uni and he was working, we decided we wanted to buy a house. It was a strange process, and there were houses we loved but weren't in the right location, the house we fell in love with needed way more work than we could afford, I'm talking Ivy grown through the entire back wall of the house, needed all new window, new electrics and heating, and we couldn't take on that project. We then viewed the house we live in now and fell in love. We popped an offer in and was accepted and it was ours! It is such a massive achievement to be on the property ladder together at 20, I was a uni student with a part time job contracted to 8 hours but working any hours they gave me, and he works a full time job, but we did it, and in this economy where the media makes you believe you can't do it, we did it. Don't get me wrong we don't live in a million pound mansion, but we have a three bedroom house, with good sized room, a nice garden and a drive way. We can live here when we have kids without moving, but we currently have two office spaces, one for me and one for my husband rather than two spare bedrooms and I couldn't be happier. 

My husband and I met when we were both just 16, it was a couple of weeks into college and its so cheesy, but he definitely gave me the butterflies when I first met him. We decided to give things a go, and I think we would both be honest and say we had no idea if it would make a month, never mind how long it has. We met at the end of September and decided to get together at the beginning of December, so we hadn't known each other long but we did like each other, obviously. two years into our relationship I headed off to university, and we had some unkind remarks that we wouldn't survive the distance, four months after I moved away, and on our anniversary, he proposed and I was ecstatic! It was so amazing and I cant put into works how much I love him. We always knew we wouldn't marry straight away with me being at uni, but in 2016, we finally tied the knot. We planned it all in one year and although wedding planning wasn't my favourite thing, the actual day was the most exciting day of my life. I hate being the center of attention but I wasn't nervous, I didn't care people stared at me walking down the aisle and you know what, it was perfect. My husband is definitely my best friend and my soul mate, and we generally just keep each other going, and I would marry him a hundred times over if I could. Excuse us singing to our first dance song in the picture we look like we are pulling a silly face. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate my wedding dress that had lights in to make it even more special! 

How can I post this here without talking about this tiny little blog of mine. Over on this little corner of the internet you have found yourself in sits my little blog. Not only that, there is also a little YouTube channel with my face on here if you want to take a peak! I have had a on off relationship with blogging in the past and have fallen back in love over the past year and have successfully daily blogged over the entire year and I am so pleased with this as I have found it more challenging some months than others and I just feel so overwhelmed with the progress I have made on all my social media this year. I have a few goals in mind for where I want to be by Christmas, so if you want to show your support you can follow me on any of my social media, they are all linked in the side bar! I honestly cannot express how much you all mean to me when you pop back to my blog and read my posts, I enjoy doing this so much and I genuinely put so much of my time into doing this because I love it so much and I know it is all worth it because it makes me so happy! 

I think we all need to take more time to appreciate how much we achieve in our lives as we go through as we definitely don't celebrate our success enough. I hate big-ing myself up and I never want to sound like I am bragging or showing off about anything I have done, not that its anything super impressive over the years, but I really am proud of myself in a lot of ways, and I want you all to be proud of yourself too! Let me know in the comments your favourite achievement as I bet you have all done amazing things too!

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