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The not gone to plan...

What a day. Last night I checked stock at Ikea to go and get my new desk this morning. We headed down on the idea that they had some in stock and that I would be able to get it. We got all the way to the end and they had none. It wont be back until Friday. Great. So not only did we have a wasted journey to Ikea, we also need to go back again now when its back in stock and hope we can get it. Then there's the rest of the room...

I am currently painting some furniture and I write this between coats of paint to give it an even coat and look fully covered, 2 are fully dry and look great and this last one I'm not convinced so I guess I will update you all on its progress when I do my room tour and I am sure how its finished up looking. I just feel so stressed that I have put the effort in that if its not right I don't want to have ruined perfectly good furniture and then have to buy new as I intended to keep costs down by giving them a coat of paint as they are perfectly good and have nothing wrong with them. 

Do you ever realise how much you actually own when its all in the middle of the floor, took off shelves and about to be moved around. I don't even know why I own this much stuff and how it came to happen. Like seriously though, I honestly don't need it all and I need a serious downsize, but I also don't really want to get rid of some of it. Such a dilemma. I know that I will have a better clear out once the furniture is back in and I am putting things on the furniture and putting things back in their new home, so I will get there. 

I just feel like the room is such a mess, and everywhere has ended up so cluttered from starting this process, like as I type this I am sat at my PC which is set up on our kitchen table to allow me to still be able to use it as I have cleared my old desk ready for the new one that we should have got today. It just all feels so stressful, and I know its all superficial some one out there will love to not only have an office style room, but the spare money to do it up which I have been saving to do for a while now. I just wish it was coming together like it should have been. 

I feel like I have let myself down, and let you guys down for not posting proper content today as I planned, but now I am set up down in the kitchen temporarily I hope I can get back into posting and editing properly as you are due four videos providing I can get them filmed, one Monday or Tuesday and the rest consecutively following providing I get done what I need to. 

Tomorrow will see me gloss the skirting boards, and hopefully get my wallpaper on which will feel like a huge step in the right direction as I slowly work on the shelving unit I am painting, I am laying it down so I paint each side as a flat surface to avoid having runs in the paint. I just hope it will all come to plan and I know it will all suddenly seem to fall into place and will come together nicely, but I just don't know how I feel about it all until it does. I have definitely taken on more than I thought! I would love to know what you are up to this bank holiday weekend, so do let me know in the comments! Thank you again for your patience! 

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