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The Body Shop chamomile Gentle eye make up remover

I am a huge fan of the Body Shop camomile cleansing oil, and often use that to just remove all my make up. However its always good to have make up remover that you can use with cotton wool in order to correct any make up mishaps, or just to have on hand to remove the majority of your make up before washing your face. I was gifted this at Christmas and have finally got around to talking about it on here, but I wanted to share with you what I think to this make up remover. 

The bottle of this is white with the classic camomile range branding on the front. The lid of the product is a lift up cap with a hole in the top for the liquid to come out. My only complaint with the packaging is that it is a white bottle, and so other than judging the weight of the product you cant actually see how much is left in the product, so you could run out of this without realising how close you are to using it up. This isn't a huge deal but I do like them to be clear.

The product itself is a clear liquid that looks similar to most make up removers and micellar waters which is nice. It is a water like formula so it isn't greasy and doesn't leave a residue on the skin which I always look for in these types of make up as sometimes I want to take my lip colour off and put a different one on and you cant if there is an oily residue left. 

I put some of the liquid on to a cotton wool ball and the use it to remove my make up, sweeping it over my face in order to remove any make up, dirt or impurities on my skin. I know this says eye make up remover on the bottle, but to be honest with you, I use this all over my face and it does a good job of removing all my make up so I just do my own thing! I will say I did find that I didn't have much luck removing mascara with this, but I knew I was using a face wash cleanser with this product so I decided I would avoid scrubbing at my eyes and just use my oil cleanser to melt off the mascara when I washed my face. 

I think this works so well to remove make up, it was really gentle when used around my eyes and left my skin feeling clean and soft without any irritation. Although I do decide to wash my face with a second cleanser to double cleanse when I use a product like this I think in a push I could get away with just using this, and I could probably get me mascara off if I had tried a little more, I just prefer not to rub on my eye lids too much. 

Overall, I really do like this make up remover, it is gentle and feels lovely on the skin without being to stripping. I definitely enjoy using this and have been reaching for this as a first cleanse more than I thought I would as I don't often reach for products like this as I can be a bit lazy with skin care sometimes. At £3 for 6oml or £7.50 for 250ml I think this is reasonably priced for a slightly higher end brand like The Body Shop, and so I definitely would pick it up again, and the small size would be great for traveling. If you want to find out more about the product you can find it online here, as well as finding the rest of the camomile range online here. Let me know your favourite make up remover in the comments as I am always on the look out for new things to test out and review and I love to have your opinions on products too. 

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