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Soap and Glory Puffy eye attack eye patches

As soon as I saw the Soap and Glory masks I really wanted to try them, even more so when I saw them on 3 for 2 and I was getting one for free. I couldn't resist the idea of these eye brightening patches, they are like nothing I have tried before and I was so excited to see if they actually worked and what they were like that I snapped them up. I haven't got any experience with anything like this but I know a lot of people love this type of mask so I was really excited to try it out.

The eye patches come in a small flat packet with the eyes printed on the front to indicate the use of the mask. I like the packaging, the contrast of the black and white photograph of the eyes and the pop of bright pink around the edges give it s nice pop of colour while still being interesting to look at with the contrast. The package is small to store and convenient which I like and I think it is a nice compact shape taking up minimal room.

The patches themselves are a clear gel texture that have a serum like product on them to hydrate and revitalise the eyes. The patches stick on the under eye really easily and while they do slip a little if you are sat upright, they generally hold their place well on the skin meaning you don't have to worry too much about them. 

I found these really comfortable to wear and they had a nice slightly cooling feeling on the under eye area which I thought was really pleasant. I sat with these on for between 20 and 30 minutes and I was really comfortable wearing them. The serum that was on them seemed to have soaked into the skin, but they stayed comfortable and didn't feel dry, or drying on the under eye by the time I came to take them off. 

After use my under eye felt hydrated and smooth with it really feeling like it had had a good boost of moisture and care, I even held off on the eye cream to see how this held up and writing this 2 days after using them my under eyes still feel amazingly soft and revitalised. I will say they didn't do anything for my dark circles, but I have really bad dark circles at the minute, so I don't think much would take them down. 

At £3.50 I think these are a little more on the pricey side, so I do think I will be exploring more options before repurchasing if I decide to. I do think these made my under eye area really soft and hydrated, and really did give it a new lease of life, but I wanted some visible effects on the dark circles as reviews on Boots, here, say people have seen results in that area. I think that I am going to explore other eye patch masks, but the way this left my under eye area feeling I definitely think it is one I would buy again, as I feel like my under eye is the most neglected part of my face on the whole, I do use eye cream, but on lazier days it is a step I will sometimes naughtily skip! I think they are worth giving a go if you want to give the skin a boost of hydration, but if you want to tackle dark circles I don't think this is the one! 

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