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Rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour Pink bliss

I love matte liquid lips, and when I see new ones on the high street I feel like I have to give them a go. This was no exception. When I wondered into Boots and Superdrug in search of new releases I was very excited to see these and the shade range they have, but being restrictive as you never quite know how much you will like something I decided to just get one and use the three for two offer to buy a range of new products to try. I settled on the shade pink bliss as it was a nice, nude like shade that would be wearable on a daily basis and go with a lot of make up looks. 

The product comes in a clear but frosted plastic tube to allow you to see the colour of the product, while the lid is black to give a nice contrast to the way it looks. The silver writing on the product is easy tot read and gives it a nice touch without being over the top. The wand is a doe foot applicator which is quite long compare to some others and is a nice medium thickness that allows you to get nice coverage on the lips, The rounded end give the ability to create a nice line around the edge of the lip without the need for any other products. 

Pink bliss is a lovely rose toned pink shade which I could wear as a statement lip option, or still get away with as a pink toned neutral if I wanted to wear heavier eye make up with this. The formula is a mouse like texture that glides effortlessly over the lips and dries down quickly to give a transfer proof finish. The product does have a slightly strange chemically scent to it, however, I can only smell this if I pull the wand out and really make a point to smell it and upon normal application I do not notice this. 

On the lips the product feels really comfortable and isn't a drying matte on my lips. I feel like this is a really comfortable formula and while it does look matte on the lips it feels more like a slight velvet finish as it still feels smooth and soft to touch. The product applies opaquely and looks beautiful on  the lips which is great. The colour is transfer proof which I love as I feel that is what a true matte lip should be, and one of the things I look out for in matte lips as it helps them be longer lasting on the lips. 

In terms of lasting power, I found that once I applied this and this had dried after about 30 seconds the product was transfer proof and does not come off onto cups, or if you kiss someone which is exactly what I expect from a matte lip. I found this to be really good at lasting when eating too, on me it didn't stay looking perfect, but had I not had it with me I would have managed without it. However as we all know I do like to reapply my lip colour after eating as most do wear off on me, I must just eat way too much and way too often... so i would touch it up, but it isn't essential for me with this. 

These are £5.99 on Superdrug and you can find the link to this colour here if you want the same one I have, or you can browse the rest of the colours on there too. I have really enjoyed wearing this lip colour and know it is one I will go back to for daily wear. I will also be popping in to see what other shades they have in the range as based on this one I can see it being something I would expand my colour range of, especially due to the lasting power. There is a really nice deep berry red I am eyeing up so stay tuned to see if I do actually pick that up! 


  1. I did some swatches of these the other day in Superdrug and they looked fab! Now your review has confirmed my thoughts I'm definitely going to have to go out and buy a few. Great post!

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I think they are amazing I'm eyeing up a berry red shade they have for when autumn winter has come, I cant wait to get more! xx