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REN V cleanse revitalising night cream

I get so excited to try new skincare and I love getting samples of them to try out in order to see if they work for me before committing to the full size. I used to be a person who would use the same moisturiser morning and night and it wasn't until I got into skin care a bit more towards my 20's that I changed and dabbled in day and night creams. I wont lie, sometimes I will use my day cream at night as well, when I just want a lighter moisture boost, or if I travel I might just take a day cream, unless I have a sample like this. 

The sample comes in a squeeze tube, but the full size of this is in a pump which I think would work really well with the thicker formula of the product. It is a creamy coloured product with a thicker texture like most night creams tend to be. I have to say, I can't put my finger on what the scent is, but I am not so keen on it, its not awful and I don't think it would put me off the product, I'm just not overly fond.

The cream squeezes out and is easy to control, however I feel like this wouldn't be an issue with a pump as it is probably a controlled amount that you use anyway. I find, although this is a thicker formula it works into the skin easily and isn't overly thick and heavy on the skin.

I apply the cream in dots around my face and then work it into the skin with my finger tips. It sinks into the skin in seconds and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. I love how fast this sinks into my skin and how soft it leaves my skin feeling when I have used this. 

Overall I am so impressed with this night cream, and I usually find that I am not overly impressed with face creams just because they don't always appear to do much. This is one that I find works really nicely on my skin and definitely leaves it feeling softer and looking more hydrated. I got this as a free sample in a beauty box or with a magazine or something and so I was able to test it before committing to buying it. This said, the product is £34 and I don't think I would have bought it at that price without trying out out first, just because my skin can be quite picky, but I think now I have tried it, if I was going to invest in a nice night cream I would definitely go for this one over some of the other ones I have tried as it is so lovely. If you want to check it out you can find it on the REN website here, along with all their other products. Let me know in the comments what your favourite face cream is as I am always interested in what you guys are using and loving at the minute! 

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